getting to know you: yesterday, today & tomorrow

Charlotte, who is guest-hosting CaC‘s getting to know you column this month posed these questions>>> 

Where were you in 1987? In school? Working? Single? Married? Attached? What was important to you?  What were you doing creatively? Tell us a bit about your life then. I realize some of you were children then…all the better!

1987.jpg i graduated from college in the summer of 1987.  this is a snap of my dad & me before the commencement ceremony.  how young & hopeful i look (my dad looks so young here too!!!)!  a couple of months from that day this pic was taken, i left for graduate school out east.  it was an exciting & scary time for me because that was the very first time i lived away from my friends & family.  

as previously mentioned in another post, i graduated a year early.  as much as i had enjoyed taking art classes, i decided at that time to not stay an extra year to double major in studio art.  i sometimes wonder what life would have been like if i had taken a different path.  but for the most part, i do not regret the path that i did ultimately take. 

Where were you in 1997? What would you like to share about the nineties?

1997.jpg i was living in chicago (my hometown) in a really quaint & spacious 2 bdrm vintage (c. 1920s) apartment not too far from the neighborhood i grew up in. i absolutely LOVED this apartment.  it felt HUGE to me.   at the time i worked for a speech therapy company, working in various clinical settings. 

creatively, i was into making cards & rubberstamping.  i  helped one of my sisters with her wedding preparations that year.  i made her bridal shower favors (hand-stamped cards) & hosted her tea shower in my lovely apartment (which i was very proud of & attached to).  at the time, i became an avid antiques collector, picking up cool finds from my frequent treasure-hunting jaunts & used to devour anything & everything i could get my hands on “martha stewart.”  i was living the life of an urban-savvy, single gal… & lovin’ every minute of it, too!

then in the summer of 1997, i met my future husband.  it was a hot, sultry july evening when i met him for dinner.  it was a blind date.  prior to meeting him, i was not dating anybody exclusively. i was seeing another guy, but it wasn’t serious.  i knew the moment i laid eyes on my dh that he was THE ONE.  needless to say, i broke things off with the other guy shortly after meeting my dh.  to this day, it gives me chills just remembering how we met.  it was like a romance novel…    

 Where did you plan to be or think you’d be in 2007?  Have your realized your goals? What is one thing about your present life you love and one you’d like to change?

2007.jpg 10 years later, the dh & i are still going strong.  it is a BEAUTIFUL thing!  i really did not know back in 1997 where i’d be in 2007.  i knew that my dh would be in the picture, though. 

since i started my blogging journey a year ago, i have expanded as an artist, creating more than i ever have.  i have always been an artsy-craftsy sort from childhood, but it seems the influences & inspiration that i have gotten from the creative blogging community has encouraged me to grow, experiment & explore, more than i could have ever dreamed or wished for!

without rehashing a rather long story, the only thing that would make things more exceptional than they already are is the day the dh & i move back to our beloved maine.  i have written in countless posts how much we miss our life there.  that’s what’s lacking here in cheeseland.  we are working towards this goal to return to the place where we left our hearts.

How do you see your life in 2017?   Do you have any goals or dreams for your future?  with the dh, our pets, possibly a child or two in the house my dh lovingly built for us somewhere off the coast of maine, & me, continuing to do what i love: creating art, gardening & antiquing.


2 Responses

  1. Great answers to great questions! Nice to meet a fellow New Englander; I’m from MA (but not a Masshole!).

    My answers are up.

  2. Reading your answers was soooo enjoyable! You have a great writing style and I love that you added pix. Thanks for participating and I hope to see you next week!

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