help me decide please

i’ve been busy crafting away this weekend. oh boy.  i just noticed that i have glitter all over my face, neck & shoulders, lol (i’m wearing a tank top)…you’d think i was going out clubbin’ with all this fairy dust on me!  i finally got to my swap wip for danielle’s seashore collage swap.  i had so many ideas for this challenge, that i got carried away.   i made not one (the required amount) but three 4 x4 collages.  i was on a creative roll & now i’m in a pickle because i can’t decide which one to send my swap partner.   this is where i’d appreciate your help…but before i enlist your kind help, i have to get something off my chest.  {don’t worry, it’s not going to be a full-blown rant…just a teensy-weensy one}.

yesterday, i attended a fatbook workshop hosted by a scrapbook place in mad-city.  a lovely gal, by the name of melanie, from fiskars was teaching us how to use various fiskars products &  some of heidi grace‘s new paper line.  i enjoy hg’s stuff, even met heidi herself last year at a class she was teaching (nice gal, btw).  now, about the only fiskars product that i can say that i consistently use is my paper trimmer.  that is an absolute MUST-have in my studio.  i don’t own any of the new punches fiskars has out (the ergonomic-conscious ones with the little side handles)  or any of their other fancy-schmancy products, like their adhesives (i prefer old-fashioned glue).  i’ve been a fan of hg stuff & ever since heidi grace merged with fiskars last year, i’ve been enjoying her wonderful new paper lines.  oh, a couple of years ago, i did own their (fiskars) hand-held circle shape-cutter.  but i soon found that contraption annoying & frustrating to use & i promptly stopped using it.  when i need to make circles i use my die-cut machines or scissors.  they are much more efficient (& way easier) to use than those hand-held thingies.

melanie, the instructor, passed out a “new, improved” circle shape-cutter that fiskars started putting out.  i was seated next to melanie & i had to bite my tongue about how i found them irritating to use.  i really did not want to burst her bubble, since she gets paid to endorse fiskars products & all.  she kept telling us that the new version is much easier to use (um. i think she may have been lying bec. it was just as irritating & frustrating to use as the original one).  i don’t know what i was thinking, but i forgot to bring my bag of supplies to this class.  it’s been awhile since i’ve gone to a class held at a scrapbook place (haven’t been doing much scrapping since i’ve moved onto other things, artistically) & i do enjoy hg’s new papers, so what the hey, ya know? 

okay, sorry, i’m rambling (a bad habit of mine)…anyway, melanie gives us all our own set of over-sized heart-shaped templates (also new from fiskars) to use with the shape cutter device.  as i mentioned above, i forgot to bring my self-healing cutting mat, among other things,  & the store gals only put a few mats for the class participants to use.  there were about 20 ladies or so & only about a half a dozen mats.  i’m not one to complain about having to share stuff…i try to be patient & courteous, etc.  but man, the lady who sat next to me on the right  was (melanie, the instructor, was on my left), can i just say,  a total p-i-g HOG! 

as soon as one of the store gals placed a mat between me & this lady, that lady just SNATCHED the mat.  she didn’t even have the courtesy to ask me if i’d mind that she used it first.  i wouldn’t have minded if she only had taken the time to ask me that…she acted as if i didn’t exist!  i’m sitting there thinking, how rude!  meanwhile, miss grabby HOG is getting all her heart shapes cut (we had to cut 6 each, medium & large hearts).  i was quickly annoyed with this lady.  i was trying hard to stay cool while i waited for this lady to be done with the mat.  if i hadn’t neglected to bring my own supplies, i would have just traced the heart shapes with my pen & cut them out the old-fashioned way, with scissors.  DRAT, all i had at my disposal was that darn shape cutter (oh, sorry, new & improved, shape cutter).  i had a piece of chipboard (12×12) & so i started to use that as my “mat”.  i was getting so far behind bec. miss grabby HOG was, well, being a HOG with the real mat.  i had to do something or i would have been really far behind.  finally the lady was done with the mat.  BUT does she set it back in the middle of table (where she initially snatched it) so that, perhaps, i could actually USE it? (you see where this is going, don’t you?).  uh, NO.   she just goes on to the next step in the project, piling her scraps onto the mat.  ooh, i was so p.o.’d.  i finally said to her, “i need the mat please.”  she doesn’t even say a word & just tosses the mat on my side of the table.  OOH!  what a jerk.   whatever lady, i thought. how rude!

the class was 2 1/2 hours long, but miss grabby HOG just had to be the FIRST one to complete her fatbook.  she got done an hour before the class ended.  hmmm, i wonder why she was able to finish so early?  UM, ‘cuz she was miss grabby HOG, that’s why!  the whole time in class she spoke hardly a word to anyone.  it was as if she was taking a video course at home or something.  her social skills were really something left to be desired.  totally pragmatically impaired (speech therapist lingo, meaning ZERO social skills).  i felt this weird vibe sitting next to her.  i didn’t feel that with the other ladies.  it was only with her.   one good thing about her getting done 1st was that when she left, i instantly felt relieved, like a weight had been lifted.  weird how a person’s negative vibes could still reach you even without that person having said a word.  anyhoo, end of rant.  it bothers me when people can’t/don’t/won’t extend basic courtesy to others.

well, here’s my fatbook that i started.  it’s not done yet, but i plan to work on it a little each day.  hgfatbook.jpgit was nice to return to my studio & have  full access to my supplies.  it was kinda stressful in the class having to use products i don’t ordinarily use & not to mention, sitting next to miss grabby HOG…  i’ll tell you what, it’ll be a cold day in hell before i go out and get that new fiskars’ shape cutter (no offense melanie, the fiskars instructor).  my scissors RULE any day of the week.   

susan1.jpg oh yes, i have to brag about my dear friend/maine sista, susan.  she just got her artwork published in latest somerset studio gallery.  yay susan!  so proud & thrilled for you!!  i remember when you first showed me & jes these lovelies in your studio.  & now look at that, they are now in the magazine.  YOU go girl!!susan2.jpg

okay, onto my plea for assistance…seashore4.jpg here are the 4×4 seashore collages that i made today.  i could not stop myself from making these.  now, i can’t decide which ONE to send to my swap partner.  & i have to mail one of these to her by june 11th.  seashore1.jpga) should i send this “go-go-esque” one?

seashore2.jpg b) this mermaid number that i fashioned from cocktail napkins? or

seashore3.jpg c) this image transfer one? 

HELP!!  i need an outside party to help me pick the seashore collage for my partner.  i would greatly appreciate your kind input.  if you have a preference, please leave me a comment & vote for your “fave”.  majority rules. so which ever collage gets the most votes, will be THE ONE i send off to my swap partner.  

my dh is no help…he’s like, do what now?!  see, i need all the votes i can get to help narrow it down.  i have no idea which one to send.  pls help me decide…sometimes it helps to get others’ feedback.

thanks in advance!  i wonder which one will “win”??  this is harder than i thought…

have a good evening 🙂


9 Responses

  1. They are all really lovely but if I must pick one, my vote is for the mermaid.

  2. Wow what a cow, thats so nasty, what a horrible thing to do to you.
    I don’t like those fiskars things either.
    I have to say I love all 3 you do beautiful work, but if I had to pick it would be the Mermaid one too, but I love Mermaids.


  3. You continue to amaze me! All the collages are beautiful! It’s a really hard choice…but I’d also say the Mermaid…she just stands out so much when you see them all together. And can you believe some people! We’ll just have to believe that Ms Grabby-Hog must have had somewhere very important to be that she could act so rude. I”m sorry she spoiled your night out!

  4. Hi,
    I like the “Beguile” mermaid and the way she is longingly looking at the heart……
    On an other note. I look at your blog every time you update it. And I finally, read I mean really read the title. “Follow Your Bliss” I pondered it and have been ever since that day about a week ago. Today I caught myself telling my husband as he left, “Babe you’ve got to follow your Bliss” (He owns a computer company and there is lots of competition in our small town. ) I want him to do what he loves because I think he will be more successful if he does. I on the other hand don’t follow my bliss,but I am trying . Sorry to get all long winded but it is a refreshing time for me…… Thank you for being transparent and I pray you and Miss Hoggy Pants don’t ever cross paths again!!!!!

  5. ohhhhh, reya!!! so sorry to hear about Ms. Hog Pants…sometimes people like that are so insecure and she probably felt the need to “hog” everything maybe because she felt threatened by all the competition around her…(maybe seeing how some of the other artists’ creation (like yours) made her feel like she had to prove something…) don’t worry about her, ‘kay? it’s a good thing she left early because you really created a MASTERPIECE!!!!! y’know i don’t care that the product wasn’t easy to use, because you made it WORK and the beauty that you created is AMAZING!!!!! i adore hearts and your heart fatbook is sooo charming…from the paper design, the title, the ribbons…ahhhh, just so unique and darling! ‘member that “slow and steady ALWAYS wins the race!” (ps you’re such a great story-teller…you crack me up with your hilarious ways of story-telling…)

    now about the awesome collages: they’re all so unique and great but the first one that caught my eye, i have to agree with everyone here…is the gorgeous MERMAID!!! that particular collage seems so alive with her hair flowing in the ocean and the way the sequence and glitter just makes it come alive…so magical and what a treasure to be found “Under the SEA…” oh paleezzzz…make more of the mermaid collages to sell in your shoppe, cuz somehow that mermaid is putting me in a trance to think only magical and good thoughts….so SWEET!!!!!!!! love your creations!!!!! xoxo looney

  6. Darn – why does there always have to be ONE person who ruins things?!

    I love these!! All of them are fantastic (as all your stuff is!!) but I think my favorite is the mermaid one! So fun!!!

  7. Makes me wonder why a woman like that even goes out among decent people. I’m sorry she put a damper on things. I also feel sorry for the next person who gets stuck sitting by her. One day she may cause a scrapbooking riot to break out.

    I love all your collages, too. Mermaids have always been special to me so I vote for that one. Have you seen that commercial for Chlorox bathroom cleaner where the little girl in the bath is fantasizing that she’s a mermaid? Love it.

  8. your post is too funny! i know EXACTLY how you feel about miss HOGGY pants. people like that make me want to scream. or at least “accidently” spill the diamond glaze on her lap. hee hee.

    i love all of your collages…they are so much fun! hmmm…i would pick the third one with the image transfers…i just love the nostalgic feel to it! whichever one you decide to send will be cherished i am sure!

  9. All three are absolutely beautiful:) – but that’s no help:):) I think everything you touch turns to magic:): ) My favorite is the mermaid:):)
    I hope miss Hoggy Pants gets her come-uppance someday:):)

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