it’s been a long time since i contributed something to studio friday.  i was happy to see “recycle” as this week’s topic.  nothing gives me more satisfaction than to repurpose or incorporate found objects into my artwork. i love to bring new life into old, discarded things. 

the shabbier/tattered/junkier the BETTER.   i am forever collecting a myriad of thrifted junk.  my dh doesn’t quite understand my obsession/addiction to rescuing/stockpiling old, seemingly useless household, office, antiquated & salvaged architectural items (or  plain “garbage” as he likes to call them)…just check out my friday’s finds set in my flickr & you’ll see what i mean.   recycle11.jpg take this wooden cup holder doo-hickey…i found it at my local goodwill thrift store a couple of months ago.  at the time, i had no clue what i was going to do with it, but i liked the many hooks & the fact that it is wooden & revolves 🙂 …i thought, surely i could fashion something out of this? so the other day, i gave it a light sanding & then spray painted the heck out of it.  et voila, my nifty, handy-dandy tag display>>>  tag1.jpg perfect to showcase the wonderful tags i received yesterday from dear blog pal, raesha‘s tag swap. tag2.jpg  many thanks to the gals whose tags i was lucky enough to receive & thanks to the lovely raesha for hosting such a fun swap!

ever since i read that cool article a while back about blog pal danielle’s jar fairies in somerset studio, i have been scouring everywhere & anywhere for glass jars & containers. like this old candy jar that i found at a fave chi-town thrift store of mine (simply called,  unique)…i believe i got it for 99 cents, if memory serves me correctly.  i know for sure that it was wicked CHEAP, hehehe.

mermaid2a.jpg i’ve been wracking my brain for ideas for danielle‘s seashore swap (which i’m still working out in my head) & had gone to one posh place (my fave girly girl shoppe) for inspiration when i spotted this darlin’ mermaid ornament & these wicked cute starfish (i especially love the inspire one, don’t you?)…then i remembered that i had that candy jar… just waiting to be filled.  well then, this is what i came up with … a far cry from granny’s sweets’ jar, eh? mermaid1a.jpg  i also threw in some actual seashells that i had picked myself as well as sea glass (also handpicked) and a bunch of glass beads in various opalescent shades of blues, greens & ivory.  the “crown” on the mermaid’s head is actually an ornament hook from a shattered glass christmas ornament (& yes, i saved the broken glass, which i plan to recycle as “homemade” glass glitter, btw).

as they say, one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure.  i believe that is TRUE.  & that’s what keeps me on the lookout for more 🙂 .


5 Responses

  1. Oh the jar is beautiful! How magical:):) I’m SO glad you like your tags – you were a wonderful participant!!

  2. Ohhh how wonderful! I love the mermaid at the bottom the most! I don’t know why, I think I just have a thing about mermaids. Anyhoo what an outstanding post! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Oh! Its so much fun to find ‘special’ items in thrift stores!! I LOVE to waste away the hours scouring bins and shelves. Love the idea with the jar! The mermaid looks so happy in there. The cup rack as a tag display is perfect!! Love the bright white! Would be most excellent to use year round for ornaments, blooms, eggs, sachets, the list is endless!
    🙂 Abbie

  4. I would say “send the mermaid” but don’t. Only because I WANT her!!! lol No sorry, I have a “thing” for mermaids. They’re all so gorgeous, but I really like the seashell girls too. Awesome work! (I hate grabby HOG women too!!!) When I go to a workshop it seems like I get stuck with all the people who are terrified of cutting or making anything, so I just plug away and they watch me and end up asking me a million questions and I still can’t get anything done. Too funny.

  5. lol, one man’s trash, indeed! I say the same thing.
    My family sees unwanted garbage. I see … possibilities .. like you!
    You never know when you will find a use for the castoff you brought home, right?
    Love the mermaid jar, it’s beautiful.

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