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paintergirl, who is this month’s getting to know you  guest host over at CaC, posed this>>>

The Infamous Proust Questionnaire

  * Your most marked characteristic? thoughtfulness

    * The quality you most like in a man? being gentlemanly & manly at the same time (like my dh)

    * The quality you most like in a woman? genuineness, supportiveness

    * What do you most value in your friends? love & loyalty

    * What is your principle defect? procrastination

    * What is your favorite occupation? it’s a 3-way tie: creating art, gardening & antiquing

    * What is your dream of happiness? living the life i’ve always imagined (to borrow a quote)

    * What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes? not passing on the “art torch” to future generations

    * What would you like to be? i’d like to be free to create with abandon, to borrow another quote 🙂

    * In what country would you like to live? actually, would love to own my own little island off the coast of maine

    * What is your favorite color? atlantic blue

    * What is your favorite flower? i love all flowers, so it’s too hard to narrow down.  i love love love to grow white zinnias & cornflower blue bachelor buttons

    * What is your favorite bird? hummingbird

    * Who are your favorite prose writers? can’t think of any at the moment

    * Who are your favorite poets? elizabeth barret browning, keats, maya angelou

    * Who is your favorite hero of fiction? dr. who

    * Who are your favorite heroines of fiction? nancy drew

    * Who are your favorite composers? all the old classical masters

    * Who are your favorite painters? van gogh, gaugin, kandinsky, rembrandt, too many to name actually

    * Who are your heroes in real life? my mom, my dh, my family, my friends

    * Who are your favorite heroines of history? amelia earhart

    * What are your favorite names? fiona, claire, enya, sinead

    * What is it you most dislike? haters

    * What historical figures do you most despise? too many to name, again any “haters”

    * What event in military history do you most admire? WWII

    * What reform do you most admire? anything pro-eco

    * What natural gift would you most like to possess? gracefulness of ballroom dancing

    * How would you like to die? haven’t given it much thought

    * What is your present state of mind? feeling rushed as it’s a school day

    * To what faults do you feel most indulgent? shopping

    * What is your motto? why, follow your bliss, of course 🙂


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  1. I love your list too! If you have your own island off of Maine, can I come visit?

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