last week of school!

as i’m getting ready for school this morning, i am doing a “happy dance” because these next two days are my last>>>WOO-HOO!  we’re pretty much going to be doing fun ‘n’ games today & then have an end of the year party tomorrow…yipee!  i’m so glad that the year is finally coming to an end.

but before i trek off to school, i have to share what happened yesterday at the post office.  well, since monday was a holiday & the post office was closed, there were a TON of folks yesterday at my local p.o.  i sorta knew this was going to happen, so i planned to mail a small batch of parcels.  well, i was at the end of the line when one of the postal ladies said, i’m opening a new window (outside the main room).

 lucky for me, i headed straight for her window.  i told the gal, i have a lot more in the car, but i don’t want to overwhelm you. she said, oh you can go get the rest while i go through these (the 25 small favor packages).  i’m like, are you sure? ‘cuz i have a lot! no problem, she replied, that’s what we’re here for.  okay, i thought.  so out i went to get the 10 prize boxes (7 of which were international!).  i had to make two trips to the car to bring everything in.  the gal at the window looked a bit worried as people started to form a line behind me.  she told them to go inside as she was by herself & had a lot to go through (looking over at me as she tells them).  i felt bad & apologized profusely.  i wouldn’ve taken a pcture if i hadn’t felt so embarrased.  ‘cuz man, it was a SIGHt!  & i still have about 20 more packages to send still at home!!!! 

well, about 30 minutes later (yeah, THIRTY), i nearly fainted when i saw the total.  i think i set a RECORD for the highest bill ever in one day.  um, i don’t think i’ll be mailing too many things anytime soon.  i might have to rethink my wysiwyg wednesday giveaways…maybe hold off till the fall?  i just about choked on my own spit when the gal told me the final total.  i have never, ever paid that much at the post office.

 when i was finally done with my transaction, i was shocked to see a LONG line of people behind me…all looking at me.  i was never so mortified.  i’ve a few more parcels to mail.  but i think i will wait a couple of days or better yet, go to another post office.    

yes, it will be AWHILE before i get myself in that pickle again. 


3 Responses

  1. Oh my!!! I’ve had sticker shock at the Post office before sending out presents to my granddaughter who lives in Italy, but I bet you’ve outdone me here! I guess all I can say is thank you, thank you thank you for being such a caring and giving person. You’ve always gone overboard in making your swaps so extra special and making each of us feel so loved. You know it’s not necessary…we have so much fun participating that you don’t need to send us anything extra. I certainly agree that you should go on a post office diet (maybe even a little fast wouldn’t hurt!) We love you!
    Jennifer D.

  2. oh my gosh! i was totally planning to blog on this topic too!! (later on today!)!!!! i feel for ya!!! the day i had the grand re-opening (mid may), i made x amount of dollars and that x amount went ALL towards shipping… my husband went to the post office and called me with the total… i was SO MAD AT HIM cuz i thought he did something wrong!!! i NEVER paid that much!!! later (actually this week) i found out that shipping prices went up big time and there are fewer options to ship internationally… i kept wondering why the last few times i have been there, my bill was pretty high 😦 i have to refigure my etsy shipping prices now or else i will lose out so much! sigh!!! so i hear ya! its so much fun to swap and to ship out etsy goods but its NOT fun when you can’t pay a phone bill because of it…. hehe

  3. Sending out things via the USPS is getting more an more expensive. I had to take a break from my “Manic Monday” give-aways, since they were costing me so much. And i had to increase charges in my Etsy store. Postage is almost as expensive as some of the art these days! Well, you know, you could offer the WYSYWIG and then you can ask people to pay their own postage…. Just a thought…

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