isn’t it

i see the light at the end of the tunnel.  tomorrow is “party day” at school. & isn’t it while persuing the latest issue of adorn, i discovered this wicked kewl diy site, similar to etsy, called .  oooh, when school let’s out for the summah>>>look out!  i’ll be cranking out the goods.  i am itchin’ to CREATE like crazy {you have no idea}. 

since i started that school contract last fall, i have not been as active in the creating department as i would have liked.  & my poor, neglected shop bore the brunt of that.  but soon, it will all change…& for the better.  i cannot wait!  i am thoroughly looking forward to making STUFF for both etsy & now 

also, these past few months, i’ve been experimenting with creating my own papers.  that whole business of licensing products & materials which i had learned all about at country living‘s women entrepreneur event back in march left an indelible impression on me.  that experience has forced me to think outside the box & come up with my own unique designs.  i hope that in the coming weeks i will be able to showcase them in my on-line shops (wow, i can’t believe i dare to do not one, but two e-shops!).

in the meantime, i whipped up some cards for a local card swap that i committed to about a month ago.   cards1.jpgcards3.jpgcards5.jpgcards4.jpgcards2.jpg

i think after this swap, i’m going to bow out gracefully & concentrate more on selling my stuff rather than swapping. it’s a totally new mindset for me,  as i love to swap.  but as my dh would say, show me the money!

& i’m totally up for this.  just you wait ‘n’ see.  


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  2. ooooh….ahhhhh….what a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous collection of handmade cards!!! totally dig the fresh, light, bright and adorable colours and designs….love, love, love the you’re invited card the most!!!!!! so light, & precious colours…and the hanging chinese lanterns are just adorable-you’re sooo creative!!! WAY TO GO, REYA!!! i can’t wait to see what’s next in your shoppe… xoxo looney

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