back track

the dh had gotten me some dinner last night & wouldn’t you know i was fast asleep by 6pm cst?!  i was wicked tired!  have been extra tired this entire week.  i cannot wait until school let’s out (i’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but it’s so darn true!  only 2 more days for me & it’ll be sayonara baby!).  i had meant to post something for CaC‘s photo thursday, which prompted us to post pix that showed signs of summer…well, here’s mine, better late than never>>>signsofsummer.jpg no, i did not make these crabcakes…they came actually frozen in a box.  i tend to eat more salads as the weather warms up… signsofsummer2.jpg yes, they are as GOOD as they look!  not bad for frozen fare, eh?  signsofsummer3.jpg & ice tea (this one is lipton’s raspberry white tea, yumm-O) is a refreshing summertime fave…oh, & with a slice of lemon too 🙂frifinds.jpg  here are pix {for friday’s finds} of some thrift-store & new store stuff that i’ve picked up in the last few weeks.  when i was in chi-town earlier in the month, i went to one of my old thrift store haunts, unique, & found all sorts of goodies to alter and/or create with.  i found this beat-up stryofoam head that will someday be an altered head (hehehe), found a ton of old sewing patterns, a bunch of YARN (for all those crochet projects i hope to do this summer), fabric scraps, hankies & crocheted doilies & this sweet vintage mother goose book…oh, i have ideas for all these pretties…don’t you worry…

when my sis & her kids were here, i found these nifty french-inspired cahiers (aka “notebooks”). aren’t they cool?  i think i will turn them into art journals.  then i found this chipped, but ultra sweet teapot/cup set for $3.00 at hobby lobby as well as the darlin’ mini chest (it’s missing a knob, but i don’t care…it was marked down to $3.00 as well).  when i was in mad city, i stopped in this boutique called patricia’s shoppe.  they have adorable clothes, jewelry, handbags & shoes.  it’s an upscale sort of place, but i found this cute pink shell bracelet for $6.95 usd.  my wrists are kinda on the small-side & it’s always nice to find bracelets (or watches) that aren’t so dangly & loose.  i love the snug fit & color (but of course!) of this bracelet.   doodleatcs.jpg

after doing a couple of loads of laundry & also some grocery shopping this morning, i finally got my act together & sat down & completed my atcs for chrysti’s get your doodle on swap!  man, it was WICKED hard not to use any CHUNKY  embellishments on these.  but i did them with my own hand, i’ll have you know…i haven’t drawn in a long while…but it felt good to draw again.  you have no idea how incredibly RELIEVED i am to have this wip DONE.  these will definitely fly the coop first thing in the morning.  amen!

welp, it’s getting late & i’ve got plenty more to do tomorrow.  so it’s time to get a good night’s rest.  bonne nuit!


4 Responses

  1. Looks like summer to me. Those crabcakes look so yummy! Thanks for participating. 🙂

  2. mmmm…are you sure…frozen?! what brand, please share… big joe is such a sweetie-pie!!!! gorgeous pictures of summer…scumptiously delicious!!!! xoxo looney

  3. ps…great friday finds and doodling…man your talent never ceases to amaze me!!!!!!! just beautiful! xoxo looney

  4. I love ice tea with lemon and crab cakes too!
    Great ACT’s. I love the colors!

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