what would you re-do?

that’s the question posed by CaC guesthost, paintergirl.  here’s her question in full:

If you could have a redo moment in your life, would you do it and what would it be? Not changing history drastically-it’s all just a what if.

well, lemme see…

okay, here’s what came to mind: i wonder from time to time what my life would be if i had listened to one of my college art teachers.  i had taken a couple of studio art classes with him back in the day & he had told me on more than one occasion that i seemed to have a “knack” for art & wouldn’t it be great if i “double majored” in studio art?  at the time, i had taken those art classes for “fun” as i pretty much had all the credits i needed to graduate early (you see, i matriculated through undergrad in 3 years, instead of the usual 4) & i had, at that point, already applied to graduate school. 

now if i weren’t hell bent on graduating a year early & going onto grad school, i think i would have seriously considered his suggestion.  i had minored in art history, after all & had thoroughly enjoyed taking those studio art classes with him, the idea was tempting.  but alas, my determination to go to grad school was greater than my budding interest in art…

every now & then, though, i wonder what life would have been like if i stayed on another year at school to double major in studio art.   but to my credit, art has always been close to my heart through the years.  it just that i took a “detour” back then…& now i’m back on the path that my art professor had encouraged me to take many moons ago.  if he could see me now, i think he would be very pleased.        


2 Responses

  1. It is hard to hear our heart sometimes when our head is telling us what to do. But you never know where you would be now…you have your wonderful husband and friends, a great career that you have helped so many and now a blossoming career in art!


  2. funny how our paths wind and turn…seems really interesting that you are finding yourself in a similar place once again. must mean something to be here again! i love how the universe works sometimes.

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