street photography {week 3}

cap2a.jpg  last saturday after my antique jaunt, i drove around mad city to find some suitable street photo ops for spc.  mad city is a huge college town & i didn’t realize that it was commencement day (or wedding day either).   i kept seeing people wearing caps & gowns as well as folks wearing wedding attire walking about as i neared the capitol building (my intended destination).   i figured it being a saturday, i wouldn’t have to deal with the crowds.  boy, was i ever wrong.  when i got to the capitol, there must have been 4 or 5 groups of brides & grooms with their wedding entourages in tow there.  the capitol building, apparently,  is the IT place for wedding photo shoots.  i wasn’t expecting to have to “compete” for shots there.  while i patiently waited for my turn, memories of my georgetown days flooded back.  i was a poor, carless student back then, who used to walk or take the metro everywhere.  there were many times i used to walk down to k street in foggy bottom to catch the metro to the mall.  no, not a shopping center, but that part of town in d.c., which is between capitol hill  to the lincoln memorial (if memory serves me correctly).  i used to love spending my weekends there.  all the museums were free, which to a poor grad student was the right price! i frequented  the national {art}  gallery every chance i could get back then.  it was my escape from academia.  the capitol building in mad city is much smaller than the one in dc, but nevertheless, it triggered an unexpected trip down memory lane.     


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  1. Everyone is out and about in the spring time, aren’t they? Sounds like you’ve been “wicked” busy! The pics of you and your family enjoying themselves are great. I appreciate glimpsing the tasty morsels too. I recently saw some tea related recipes in the newspaper which reminded me of you and so I’ll be sending them on to you. We’ve been having some gorgeous weather here. Hope it’s this nice the next time you visit and I hope that will be soon! Love, Michel

  2. Seeing your photography just gave me an idea for my blog. It seems that I do not have time to create “things” the way I want to,( maybe just an excuse) so I will look for creative photos to take during my day. That way I will be seeing beauty all around me. I heard about a woman who takes pics of garbage cans on the street. I am sure that owning a mixed media art shop will offer some opportunities not to mention that I live in the mountains of western north carolina.
    Rust…. a thing of beauty, right?
    Jane Powell

  3. How beautiful! Wonderful work!

  4. That photo is very clever looks great you have a great eye.

  5. wow…reminds me of an old tv program or a dream sequence or an old video…digital art is magical and i agree, you sure know how to create funky art! xoxo loon

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