walking in the rain

frontdoor1a.jpg it’s lightly raining, really, gently sprinkling outside this afternoon.  i didn’t get to go to mad city over the weekend as i had planned.  i just got caught up with my wips & also finally did some work in my yard, which desperately needed to be weeded.  i’ll be heading to mad city later this week as i got invited to tea at one of the antique places i frequent (yipee!), so i’m hoping that i will be able to take some snaps while i’m there.  anyway, street photography continues to be the spc this month.  walk2a1.jpg not wanting to drive (as it’s supposed to be “gas strike” day today), i thought i’d take some pix of the street that i live on.  the town just recently resurfaced the road & the sand/gravel “sidewalks” are not exactly shoe-friendly.  i kept on kicking up dirt & rocks that some of which eventually made their way into my shoes! it was better when the road extended into the grasslines…but because of town politics (i.e., doing that would incur extra costs to the folks who live in this “semi-private” subdivision), the road was “shortened” & the “sidewalks” made up for the lost road surface.  i won’t go into all the hoopla that stirred up in my neighborhood over the recent road resurfacing…let’s just say that many folks are not amused.bw2a.jpg in my hood, there are many wooded trails where you can go “off road”.  i haven’t ventured off-road too much lately. not since since they found a dead woman (apparently murdered elsewhere, then dumped) at one of the public parks in my town a couple months ago, i haven’t really done much walking. not alone, anyway.  the dh was the one who told me about that poor woman & he pretty much told me not to venture out into the woods or the parks unless he accompanies me.  it’s a pity because there are quite a few hiking trails in & around my hood. but i will take heed as i don’t want to meet the same fate as that unfortunate woman.  there’s an empty lot across the street from the house, where they put in a  gravel drive.  i think they are getting ready to build a house on that lot.  even in the gentle rain,  i was attracted to the lovely spring green of the woods that i decided to walk a bit through it… walk3a.jpg lucky for me, the gravel trail circled around the lot & i was able to reach my side of the street without mishap.  it’s pretty sad to say that & also not to feel very  safe, even if i  happen to live in b-f egypt. 


2 Responses

  1. Love these photo’s, Mar! It’s great to see you, and your surroundings – so big, compared to little old England! 😉 Gobsmacking, in fact!! Thanks for sharing them with us xXx

  2. Love these pictures! Very peaceful!

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