new swap announcement

dishyteacups.jpg we’re at it again.  my sis & i, that is,  are hosting another swap.  we’ve had so many requests to do another tea-related swap & our virtual tea party was such a smashing success, we thought we should continue the fun!  i’ve set up a new group on flickr called the vintage tea room. & our new swap is called, “midsummer’s vintage tea cup swap“. sign up starts today & will run to june 15th.  swapping begins june 30th.  full details can be found here.    

   vintagetcup.jpg my sis & i love TEA.  in fact, it’s one of my dreams to open a tea room one day.  i have been an avid collector of tea paraphernalia for years.  if i see a tea cup, tea pot, tea towel, book about tea, etc…i go NUTS.  i feel this compulsion to have those things in my possession.  the whole concept of “taking tea” is so much in line with my whole attitude about life>>>slowing down & savoring the simple pleasures.  that’s what so appealing to me about TEA!  teacup2.jpg for this swap, you will be partnered with one person (very similar to the you’re my cuppa tea swap was) & you send your assigned partner a vintage or vintage-inspired tea cup plus one tea (or coffee) bag & any other small item goodies (totally up to you how generous you want to be) all by june 30th.  all swap participants are responsible for contacting/connecting with their assigned swap partners.  we believe that communication among participants = positive & successful swap experience.  folks can post an unlimited amount of pix of their tea cups + goodies on the flickr group photo pool. 

teacup5.jpg  there are many places to find vintage tea cups.  i’ve scoured antique shops, thrift stores, tag sales, big box chain stores & even on ebay over the years.  just the other day, i found a tea cup in a pattern that a dear friend of mine (annie) collects for a mere 49 cents usd at my local goodwill thriftshop!  so this tea cup treasure hunt needn’t break the bank, by any means!   teacup6.jpgso if this is your cuppa tea, then we’d be thrilled to see you here.   TEAS on! 


5 Responses

  1. I’m excited! 🙂 I’m actually not really a tea person, but my grandmother collected tea cups and saucers, so this reminds me of her!!

  2. I’m so excited! I signed up right after reading this! xoxo, Fran

  3. looking forward to this one!!! got to go vintage tea cup shopping! I know my favourite flea market stocks some beautys!!!

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