comin’ up for air


my pink gerbera daisies are flourishing as you can see…the hue is such a vibrant PINK! 

dscn2683.jpg it’s been yet, another hectic weekend…this is my pile of prizes for the winners of our recent flickr photo contest…i got overwhemed with what to give to whom (there are 10 lucky ladies)…so i called my sister looney this morning & she helped me “sort” it all out.  sometimes it really does help to get a 2nd opinion, even if it’s over the phone lines 🙂 …

she’s gonna try to come up from chi-town to help me with wrapping things up from the photo contest, etc…i’m grateful for any help she can send my way…still working on those thank you favors…


my dear friend allison’s baby shower is this coming saturday & i’ve already purchased some things from her baby registry at target online (so convenient!), but i do also want to give her something handmade from moi.  so, here’s one of 2 booties that i crocheted (she knows she will be having a girl)…it’s not too bad, considering it’s been EONs since i tried following directions from a crochet booklet.  i hope to finish the 2nd lil’ bootie later while i watch the semi-finals of dancing with stars & the bachelor (i know, cheesy, but hey, it’s wicked cheap entertainment…& besides, i think it’s fantastic to watch these celebs improve in their ballroom dancing moves each week & i’ve bit of a *crush* on ian ziering…& the bachelor, andy,  as well (shhh!  don’t tell my dh!…it’s all eye candy for me anyhoo, hehehe!).

welp, i finally got my arsh in gear & completed those tags for dear blog pal raesha’s tag swap!  yay, for me!!!!  but i will make more to put (i’m hoping) in my etsy shop…it’s been *whoa* AWHILE since i updated there!!!!  i also hope that when school lets out & after our pending road trip (sheesh, the gas prices the last 2 days went up 11 cents!!!!!!!!!  wtf! chances of us heading out west is looking mighty slim at the rate the gas gouging is going!  which reminds me, i’ve gotten a bunch of emails about doing the gas strike on the 15th, that’s tomorrow…the dh & i will be jumping on the band wagon to be sure) i’ll be adding more & more things…

tags6.jpg anyway, here’s my little thank you to raesha, plus a few extra hand-dyed tags for her own creating pleasure!tags5.jpgtags4.jpgtags3.jpgtags2.jpgtags1.jpg

i plan on getting this out in the mail after lunch…a gal works up quite the appetite after slavin’ away in the ol’ sweatshop…

vintagetcup2.jpg my sis & i are cookin’ up another swap…details to follow…my tummy is grumbling! 

happy monday & have a wicked great week!


5 Responses

  1. How beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  2. Lovely! Wowie! Love the tags. 🙂 I’m sure she’ll lvoe them. Have a great Monday…. Hmmm. What could that next swap be?????? xoxo, Fran

  3. Oh wow – the tags are gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see them IRL:):) Thank you so much for participating!

  4. You are amazing! I struggle to finish one, count it one, project and you’ve got a zillion done! I love the booties…such a great pattern and cool gift! Of course your tags are wonderful…love that you hand dyed them! As always I’m in awe of you! Have a great day and I’m with you on not buying gas today!

  5. These tags are gorgeous! I am so excited that I am participating in the swap and will get one! YEEEHHAAWW!

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