“street” photography


is the challenge this month over at spc.  i put “street” in quotes because actually i took this pic by the river that runs through my town.  it’s a relatively small river, but from time to time, the dh & i like to come here.  he likes to drop a line (anglers’ talk for “goin’ fishin’ “)  while i like to listen to the water streaming by.  it ain’t the ocean, not by a long stretch.  but one can pretend, can’t one?  oh how i miss the ocean *ginornmous SIGH*…

my town is more suburban than urban.  lots of strip malls, fast food places & big box stores.  the “downtown” area (where this pic was taken) is only a few blocks long & it is nothing like the “downtown” that i know of from my hometown {chicago}!  when i think “street” photography, i think of the streets of urban meccas, like chicago, nyc or la…but not here, where there are more cornfields than you can shake a stick at.

i would have taken pix of “me in the street” when i was in chi-town the other day…but wouldn’t you know that my digi-cam battery died on me!  & besides i was preoccupied with thoughts of all the things i had to do over the weekend & visiting with the family, etc.  

 i’ve a mind this weekend to take my tripod & head over to “mad city” (aka the capital of cheeseland) & attempt some street photography there.  perhaps i will trek over to the public square by the capitol building…it’s sorta reminiscent of my hometown>>>crowds, pan-handlers, loiterers, grafitti & bustling activity…yeh, that may be an idea…hmmm…   

in the meantime, maybe after yoga class today, i will scout around again downtown & see if there are any potential photo ops.  if there are any suitable ones, i’ll be sure to post my entry in next week’s spc.


6 Responses

  1. I like how you saturated the color and then you can see the tiniest bit of red in your hair. Cool!


  2. Wonderful portrait! Great work!

  3. Mary Ann,

    I just got your package today! It is so cool – I love it! Thanks so much. I wanted to let you know too, that I am having a giveaway on my blog right now too till the 26th. Come join in!

  4. I love the treatment on this photo!! Very “street chic”:):)

  5. I love the bridge in the background! Lovely!

  6. I love how you manipulated the photo, – back in the “old” days the rivers of Europa were the highway for transport 🙂

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