oh no, i’m in trouble!

today i just learned that hobby lobby might be coming to our town.   oh no!!!! it’s bad enough that there is a micheal’s, jo ann’s, & crackerbox palace ( a rubber stamp place) here.  & to learn that hobby lobby might take over the old wal-mart building>>>YIKES. double triple YIKES!  i am seriously in T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  i’m really gonna have to wear blinders now.  when we lived in maine, all the craft mega stores (& malls for that matter) were an hour to an hour & a half away.  if i went to a michael’s, jo ann’s or a.c. moore (that place was my FAVE in s. portland, btw), it would be a “day trip” for me…as such trips were far & few between.  since we’ve been living in cheeseland, there seems to be no shortage of supply when it comes to retail choices.  omg, there is an abnormaly disportionate number of  stores & people in my town (roughly 65 K is the town’s population>>>that’s small to me as i grew up in chicago, where there about 3 MILLION people or so)…it’s wicked CRAZY!  i’m afraid that i’ll be in serious LOCK DOWN from here on out, lol!  

 i went into chicago this weekend for a quick visit.  it was a bit inconvenient because i had so much to do here, but i totally forgot to pick up the prize giveaways {for the tea party photo contest my sis & i recently held in flickr} when the dh & i were in last weekend. my sis offered to mail them to me, but i told her that would be nuts…so in i went.  of course it’s always nice to visit with my sisters & the nieces & nephews.  but this unplanned trip in did throw my weekend off…oh well, that’s life…what are you gonna do but just roll with the punches? 

anyway, i drove in friday & was gonna turn around & go home…but i ended up going home the following day.  i helped my sister looney with some PTA obligations she had, plus her chitlins’ were pleading for me to stay awhile… while the kids were at school, i accompanied looney on a few errands…we stopped in her local kmart (& i was surprised to see an “internet cafe” there & since when do they sell refrigerators, stoves & washing machines?!…my kmart doesn’t have all that, anyhoo) & we fell in love with this>>>bike.jpg

it looks retro & somewhat nerdy all at once…but is this not wicked cool or what?!   

  then since i was in town, i went to visit my other sister (gail) & her chitlins…she decided to throw an impromtu bbq for her son’s (my nephew) b-da, but i declined the kind invitation (as after all, i did not intend on staying the whole weekend, esp. when i had so much to do back home).  i at least visited with them over breakfast before i trekked back to cheeseland.      

 my niece made this paper mache kitty & gave it to me for my “bailey shrine”…i was touched by her very thoughtful, sweet, loving gesture.isa.jpg what an unexpected gift!nicky.jpg here is nicky, the birthday boy, with his “littliest pet show” prezzy, my sis gave him.  he was cute showing me all the little animal figures.  my nephew, i’m told, is obsessed with this toy, which apparently has many animal figures (sold separately, of course) that goes with it.  i didn’t even want to ask my sister how much all this cost her…oh, i so could go on a tangent & rant on about how my folks did not indulge us kids back in the day…but i will not go there…

when i was at my sister’s house, i had forgotten about these lily-of- the- valley plants that i had planted many moons ago for my mother.  as i was heading toward my car, i noticed this faint sweet smell…it was the lily of the valleys.  i couldn’t believe how they were still flourishing after all this time.  i took some home with me just becauselilyofv.jpg they filled my car with their delicate fragrance. 

gas2.jpg before i left for chi-town last friday morning, i thought how incredibly outrageous $3.09 a gallon for the cheapo gas wasgas1.jpg as it cost me half a “c-note” to fill up my car!  when i got into chi-town, however,  i was shocked that it was already *gasp!* $3.50 a gallon there.  so now, $3.09 is looking pretty darn good over here!

th dh & i have been talking about taking a road trip out west.  he wants so much to see the grand canyon & yellowstone…but with the way gas prices have been rising lately, we’re not too sure if we’re gonna do the trip this summer like we were thinking…the dh hasn’t completely ruled it out yet.  i left it up to him, as this year, it’s his turn to plan our summer vacation.  i hope we will still make a go of it, in spite of the  steadily climbing gas prices, ‘cuz 1) it would be a wicked cool adventure w/ the dh & 2) i just might be able to visit some pals (like angie wangie & tammy)…*sigh* we’ll have to wait & see.

mondays are usually my day off from the school, but tomorrow i hafta go in for 6 meetings (it’s annual review time) & it looks like it will be a LONG day.  my 1st meeting is bright & early 7:30 (lovely) & my last meeting is at 4:00 (just wonderful).  so in advance, i bid you all a happy monday & have a great week.  ‘cuz i know that i’ll be too tired when i get home tomorrow to blog.  see ya {i hope} on tuesday!    


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  1. Maggie got the Littlest Pet shop for her birthday from her Aunt and Ethan and Maggie have been playing with it ever since! So cute!

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