friday’s finds

happy friday!  i’ve a busy weekend ahead (heck!  the rest of may is wicked busy!!!) but i wanted to share some of my finds for the week.  i can’t believe that it will be one year TOMORROW that i started friday’s finds on flickr.  wow!!  i knew that i wasn’t the ONLY one who loved to COLLECT, hehehe!


last week, i went to a card technique workshop at my local rubber stamping store (crackerbox palace) & spotted the latest somerset studio magazine PLUS their new somerset life magazine.  i just had to have ’em!  i’m guesting-hosting over at CaC this month & just posted all about somerset life.  check it out here 🙂

then a few weeks back, i was at barnes & nobles (oh, is that place ever so deadly!) & i love to browse through there (what else?) “bargain books”.  i decided to purchase that cool yoga book (so handy & convenient) which gives you 5-90 minutes of yoga routines for you to squeeze in an already hectic schedule.  i also found this sweet lil book about creating cozy nooks in your home…love that!

frifinds2.jpg  have you been to your local michael’s lately? omg, wasn’t i pleasantly surprised to see a couple of aisles stocked with martha stewart‘s new line of crafting supplies & kits.  wicked cool to see all the new ms stuff!  these are punches from her scrapping line & i think this will be the beginning of more trips to michael’s, ha!

have a great friday all!  xoxo


6 Responses

  1. Uh oh, there’s Martha Stewart craft stuff at Michael’s ??
    I’m in trouble!! (or rather my wallet is) ; )


  3. Oh my gosh Mary Ann I bought the same punches except for the leaf….

    you go girl..

    love, angie wangie

  4. What wonderful finds! I love me some barnes and noble! Anyhoo, wonderful post!

  5. Hello there Mar!!! Hobby Lobby is great! Good thing I don’t go very often as it is a bit of a drive to go there. I think next to where the price you pay for gas on the pump should really say “Your pocket book is now empty” It is outrageous that they jack up the price during the warmer seasons…and really for no apparent reason…Just another way for them to line their pockets…On May 15th friends and family have decided not to pump gas to show them just how rediculous this all is and how much it will take from their pockets….give them a little taste of their own medicine…so if you can find it in you not to pump gas on May 15th please…HAHAHAHA tee hee…xoxo Nance

  6. We have a Hobby Lobby! Watch out!!! It is hard to walk out empty handed! My blog is also called Follow Your Bliss! Come visit sometime! I enjoyed yours! and will return!

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