photo thursday

for CaC’s photo thursday, we’re to share some of our “faves of 2007”.  well, rather than post a kajillion pix, i narrowed it down to the following photo collage>>>


1st row (l to r): niece & nephew’s 5th b-day party; red tulip that hasn’t been devoured by our neighborhood deer “bandits”; dh holding our beloved bailey cat before we let her go…

2nd row (l to r): tea for 2; silly pix of us; having a wicked good cuppa tea!

3rd row (l to r): our last moments with bailey; i *heart* pink gerbera daisies; dreamy pix i took in st. louie (a fab “girls’ weekend”).

i could have picked a heck of a lot more (according to my photo organizer, i have almost 10 K *yeh, that’s right* pix in there), but these will do at this moment.  these sort of summarize the events, big & small, that have happened since the new year.

ask me what my faves will be later on in the year…i betcha that they will likely change.


2 Responses

  1. What a lovely, lovely collage. Each photo is such a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the middle one the best Mary Ann!

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