monday, monday




just scenes from our weekend in chicago…

visited with a pal (with whom i had a lovely visit) & went on a trip down memory lane…the dh & i haven’t lived in the windy city for a decade!  it was weird to see so many changes in many of my old stomping grounds…i couldn’t believe all the luxury lofts & condos cropping up all over the place…many in converted fatories & warehouses.  i hardly recognized the place! it was a trip, let me tell ya.  having lived away from my hometown, i really don’t think i could ever live there again.  sure visit, but not live there.  i’ve just gotten so accustomed to country living over the years.  lucky for me, the dh feels the same way.  how ironic that i grew up in such a busy metropolis, but now prefer the low key, laid back lifestyle of living in the country (specifically in midcoast maine).   i suppose i’m just a simple country gal at heart, despite my urban upbringing. 

after visiting my pal, i met up with my family for my twin niece & nephew’s (shioban & ian) 5th b-day party.  many of their classmates from their developmental preschool classes came to their party (27 chitlins…the majority of them with some sort of special needs! for a second,  i thought i was at work, hehehe)…the dh was sorta overwhelmed with the many chitlins running amok around…but a great time was had by all. 

after nearly a week of rain, the weather finally cooperated.  the day of the twins’ party was GORGEOUS.  it was a bit breezy, but not a cloud in the sky & the temperature was quite pleasant.  it was just like summah 🙂 

my sister & bil threw a fantastic party for the kids.  i contributed a family dish (pancit, a filipino noodle dish),  these mini b-day cakes i baked esp. for ian & shioban, cheese (from where else, cheeseland) & crackers…but it was overkill, because there was a TON of food.  but i wasn’t surprise, because seeing a ton of food at one of our family parties is so TYPICAL (if not expected, hehehe)…   yesterday was the twins’ actual b-day (their party was saturday) & the dh & i went over their house & had another b-day celebration.  the kids were in absolute heaven…then a couple of kids from their school came by yesterday, thinking that sunday was the day of their b-day party & ya know what, my sis & bil said, “party on!”…it was non-stop party central at my sister’s house this past weekend.  the kids were THRILLED to bits!

the dh & i also visited with my fil.  he happens to live 5 blocks away from my sister’s…he was looking okay, though we noticed he was limping & tending to repeat himself at times.  he was in good spirits, however, & it was so nice to spend time with him.  he is such a wonderful storyteller & fil.  he & i have the same birthday (late july) & hopefully we can get together to celebrate our b-days.

can you believe that it’s the end of april already?!  wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that we had a blizzard?  now that it’s been warm, i’ve got to get crack-a-lacking with my garden.  it’s looking pretty frightful…lots of weeds to pull!  the dh is talking about teaching me to use the riding mower (yikes!) as the rain we’ve had lately has accelerated the grass growth.  i am so peeved with the local deer helping themselves to my tulips yet again this year, despite putting “stinky” stuff around my tulip bed last fall.  fortunately, they didn’t chow on all of them…it was a nice surprise that some (not many, however) survived the deer’s foraging.  

later this morning i will head over to my local nursery & check out any deals on shrubbery & trees…a few of my arborvitae (spelling?) bit the dust over the winter & now i’ve got to find replacements.

well, i just got a reminder email from my dear pal/blog sista melba about hosting again for  CaC .  this time around i’ll be guest-hosting  dialog day every friday during may.   i’ve been kicking around some topics for that.  hopefully, they will generate some friendly discussion. 

oh yes, today is the day that my sis looney will post the winners of our best pix contest in our flickr group.  thanks to looney for getting through this rather challenging task of picking our winners & also many thanks to all who participated!!!  we talked about doing another swap in the future…but we’re gonna leave some breathing room before we announce a new one!

welp, that’s all to report from my neck of the woods…have a wicked good week!      


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