friday’s finds

these past couple of days at the school have been LONG & rather intense…lots of DRAMA goin’ on over there…oh, did i hear one of the teachers saying that there are 24 days left of school (even less than that as i’m only there 2x/wk)!!!  oh it is a happy friday after all!

well, i haven’t been shopping (offline, that is) much other than our weekly groceries this week.   but i do have a few things which i found recently online.  the following are my friday’s finds>>>

dscn2205.jpgdscn2207.jpg every now & then i like to browse here for the latest in artbook “eye candy” at discounted prices (of course!)… i typed in “atc” & this was one of the items that popped up.  it’s a WICKED cool compilation of mixed media (fabric, textile, paper, found objects, etc) atcs.  wow, & it was under $20!  the folks who put out the quilting arts & cloth, paper, scissors publications (love these magazines!) created this fabulous book>>>trust me when i say this book is WICKED jammed packed with IDEAS.  what a nice addition to anyone’s  arty-farty library! 

dscn2199.jpg i was reading a newsletter my dear pal/blog sista, jes, sent me.  this lovely & wicked talented friend of mine makes truly unique, one-of-a-kind, FAB art jewelry.  fromjes.jpgkeatsneck1.jpg

i had a hard time choosing what i wanted to buy from her shop, but i ultimately chose “a thing of beauty” necklace…from her “look closely” line (i can’t believe she is selling these amazing necklaces at such a reasonable price!)  it is absolutely GORGEOUS jes!!!  i love it!  thank you my dear, i will wear this lovely always & with immense pride!

dscn2211.jpg a while back, i went to a fave scrapbook store in mad city for one of their huge garage sales.  i had participated in one of theirs last year & i remember vividly the incredible bargains i found then.  well, it was no different this time around as i found a ton of goodies @ bargain basement prices>>>yeh, like i need anymore stuff.  have you seen my studio lately?  nevermind, we needn’t go there.  i couldn’t help but snatch up a ton of supplies (esp. stamping because i am working on making my very own paper line, but as my nephew ian likes to say, it’s top secret!).  just so you know, i also found some cool stuff for my lil niece shioban (the one who says she want’s to be crafty like her auntie) & my sis looney, who is coming out of her shell & starting to believe that she too can craft.  so you see, the stuff i bought at the garage sale wasn’t just all for me, hehehe.  anyway, one of the things i picked up was this diy bracelet kit & these coordinating teeny tiny paper punches (set of 3) all for under $12 usd.  the retail price is $25.00 total.  what a deal, right?  yep…that’s what i’m talking about! 

dscn2210.jpg  my sis looney has had her hands full this week, especially since she is trying to get ready for her kids’ 5th b-day party (ian & shioban)…the dh & i will be heading out to chi-town tomorrow for the weekend & boy, will ian & shioban be so thrilled with what we are giving them for their b-day! 

while my sis is frantically preparing for the b-day party, she still manages to find time (OMG) to judge the photo contest we’re doing on our tea party flickr group.  it was a difficult task as there were so many possible winners, but she finally came up with her winners & she tells me that she will announce the lucky winners on monday 4/30.  we have some really cool prizes & the above tea cosy is just one of them!  i had thought about making them myself, but it was a time crunch in the end.  so off i went & purchased them here.   the one pictured above is actually for my mom.  but i bought other designs & patterns…but that is strictly for me to know & for you to find out, hehehe.

fromjbo11.jpg a few weeks or so, i had talked about fromjbo2.jpg this wonderful site my tea swap partner/flickr palfromjbo3.jpg suzi co-owns & i had ordered one of their pocketbooks… well, soonafter i placed my order, jeni, suzi’s partner emailed me to say that she was so sorry to tell me that the purse i ordered was “sold-out”, but that she would happily give me a choice of other fabulous bags at no additional cost + a free gift.  wow, i was a little disappointed at first, but i was so impressed with the stellar VIP customer service treatment!fromjbo4.jpg here i am sporting my new pocketbook…looks divine, huh?  i also received a sweet cosmetic purse (pictured above) for my troubles… everything was wrapped so nicely & i even had a personalized letter from jeni.  thanks jeni & suzi!  i would highly recommend you to everyone!

whew…this is a long post…but i have just one more thing to say…

fromtammy.jpg a HUGE THANK YOU to wonderful blog pal tammy for sending this sweet book.  i am deeply TOUCHED by your comforting & loving gesture.  love & hugs right back at you xoxoxo! (i will give you a shout out soon about our trip 🙂  ).

i’m off now to yoga & then will be getting ready for our trip into chi-town for the weekend.  it’s been raining pretty much all week, but i do hope the rain will subside for the twins’ b-day bash tomorrow…don’t you worry, i will be sure to tell you all about it!  have a FANTASTIC weekend! xoxoxo


5 Responses

  1. Wonderful finds! I love the 1000 ATC cards book! Thanks for sharing them all with us! 🙂

  2. Have a great trip…Be safe!


  3. I just ordered that book from Amazon with some of my birthday money (along with another ATC book). I’m waiting (quite impatiently) for them to arrive. I’m glad to hear positive things about it.!

  4. Mary Ann,
    I tried emailing you my address, did you receive it? If not, can you email me back your email address so I can get that to you?
    Great finds too!!

  5. Oh I love this ATC book too, i just flick through wishing I one day am that good.
    I love that necklace how beautiful and vintage.

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