this week’s lucky ww winners

good morning!  another quickie post…as it’s another school day.  i will try to post again later when i get home from work…

many THANKS to all who played ww this week (cheryl, raesha, lisa, tammy, anastasia, & kara)!  it really does make my heart SMILE to know that you all want to spread the good karma around!

 ww11.jpg item #1 goes to lucky anastasia!  no need to worry about shipping…i’ve got you & everyone else covered…that’s how ww works 🙂


item #2 goes to lucky raesha!

item #3 goes to lucky cheryl! ww3.jpg

& last but not least, item #4 goes to lucky kara!ww4.jpg

once i hear from cheryl & kara, i will send out all the ww freebies by the end of the week!

next wysiwyg wednesday will be may 9th…so stay tuned…there are a lot more wonderful freebies still to be had (my “bad” is so totally your gain, hehehe)…until then, shine on!


2 Responses

  1. Yeah to all of the winners!!!!

  2. oh wow weee….thank you!!! very exciting
    love inspiring art mags!!

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