tete a tete

tea42f.jpg and the tea party continues…as the dh was too tired & grubby yesterday after work.  so here we are…and the hubby is refreshed & ready…welcome!  won’t you sit a spell & pour yourself a cuppa?

tea42e1.jpg i’ve got the table all set for an intimate tete a tete pour deux…

tea42g.jpg i just love to take time for tea…it’s a beautiful thing, you know…now where is that husband of mine? 

tea42d.jpg i’ve got his cuppa ready for him…& some goodies to boot…he’d better hurry or his cuppa will runneth cold…ahhh, i hear the hubby coming up the stairs to join me for our tea time 🙂 

tea42a.jpgtea42b.jpgtea42c.jpg  mmmmm…both the tea & company are just lovely…

sillypix2a.jpgsillypix3a.jpgsillypix4a.jpg now it wouldn’t be like my hubby if he didn’t do his usual zany antics in front of the camera…oh, HE is NOT shy!

sillypix1ab.jpg  (lol) silly man…but i wouldn’t have it any other way!  oh, pardon my finger at the top of this snap…it’s kinda hard to keep the camera steady when you are trying not to bust out LAUGHING!

dscn2120.jpg well, it’s been FANTABULOUS to see others’ enjoying their cuppas…check out all the kewl pix that have been pouring (no pun intended!) in since yesterday in our AMAZING virtual tea party in flickr.  i hope everyone had a great time! i know we did.

thank you to all the wonderful folks who participated in the virtual tea party….they helped make it a SMASHING success!  it’s so nice when everything works out in the end.


2 Responses

  1. oh, your tea party looks like too much fun! the photos of you and your husband made me laugh out loud. and, i must say, the tea looks delicious! you make me want to go into the kitchen a make some tea with cream and sugar right now. thank you for the good idea.

    i also want you to know that i am sorry for the loss of your beautiful feline friend. mine is about the same age and i can’t even stand the thought of someday losing him. my heart is with you. i’m sending you a big hug.


  2. Great pics! yummy layout!
    your man made me laugh….

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