time for tea!


{this lil lady represents “courage” (the meaning behind the stone, aquamarine), which i need  to muster a lot of lately…it’s also my friday’s finds for the week.  the dh & i extend our deepest appreciation & gratitude for all your loving & comforting words}


t-day is finally here!  & the you’re my cuppa {virtual} tea party is in full swing here.  i had an unexpected interruption in my tea time prep this week, but i’ve been one busy lil beaver in the kitchen today.  the dh & i will have afternoon tea (i.e., when he comes home from work)…in the meantime, here are some photo collages to tide you over>>>



will be back with more of my teatime pix when hubby comes home.

until then, have yourself a nice spot of tea & let me know where to find you at your tea time. i’d love if you would leave a comment with your tea time link…happy tea time!


4 Responses

  1. I love your courageous girl ((hugs)) to you…losing a beloved pet is so difficult…..
    Happy tea day MaryAnn!! beautiful pics!
    Im having tea over at my blog…come and join us!

  2. My tea pics are up! 🙂

  3. just me ~ I love your little lady and tea time pics hope you had a wonderful tea day ~ you know where I am! Loads of love Judy xx

  4. I had tea with my children yesterday and I will share pics and a post later on today. Thanks Mary Ann for being such an inspiration!!!


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