holy moley


eye2.jpgthem-eyes2.jpg in keeping with spc‘s body challenge, i chose my eyes, actually my left eye.

more specifically, i have these annoying little moles (3) under my left eye. just my left eye.  my right eye is clear (thank goodness!).  it’s hereditary.  both my mom & little sister have them too.   they don’t hurt & i forget that i have them, until i see my reflection in the mirror or a pic of myself.

at first, i thought i had some “bedtime crust” courtesy of mr. sandman.  i remember i kept rubbing & rubbing & washing my face…& it was still there!  i started noticing these moles (there was one at first) about 5 years ago or so as  i don’t recall having them as i was growing up!

according to the net, there’s a superstition out there that says that moles under the left eye are auspicious.  (could that be true, i wonder?)…then there’s another superstition that calls them “cryer’s moles”, indicating “a problematic love life”.   (huh?!) whatever…

 i guess i shouldn’t feel alone…i also came across on my net search that julia roberts & kyra sedgewick supposedly have moles under their left eyes.  but of course, they pay people to make them look gorgeous & you don’t even notice them (that is, if they do indeed have them).

hmmm, i wonder how much it would be to laser these off? 

well, whatever the reason i have them, i HOPE my mole quota has been filled, ha!  either that or i’ll have to refrain from crying (yeh, that’s gonna be damn near impossible>>>i’m off to the vets this morning to have bailey, our geriatric cat, get some blood work & other tests done.  she’s so weak & frail, the dh & i are scared that she is on her last legs.  she is after all 17 yrs old).

i’m leaning toward believing that my undereye moles are lucky.

wouldn’t you?   


2 Responses

  1. yes, definitely lucky!

    honestly, i love your moles! They remind me a bit of eye jewels decorating the eye of some ancient princess. they’re beautiful!

  2. Yep – moles= lucky!! I have a mole on my chin that I have always hated… I’m trying to make peace with it, since it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, I’m going to take a cue from you and call it lucky, too!! 🙂

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