ONLY 4 more DAYS ’til T-DAY!!

{be prepared for a lengthy post. i have so much to share & tell as i didn’t get to my blog at all this weekend.  so, pour yourself a cuppa tea (or java) & set a spell…}

what a wicked busy weekend i had!  going to the post office, shopping, baking, cleaning,  preparing my tea things, completing wips, attending to my dh & the cats (our matriarch, bailey, has not been well lately & we are not looking forward to seeing the vet soon as we may not like what the vet will tell us…bailey is 17 yrs. old *WHOA!*>>>okay, i don’t want to go there…let’s think happy thoughts, shall we?) …

i had so much going on over the weekend, that i didn’t even get a chance to work in the garden at all…which is a bummer because the weather was behaving more spring-like than a few days ago when it looked like winter!  i also missed a garden meeting with the local herb society because i simply had plenty to do over here.

flowers.jpg went to the market & stopped to smell the roses, hehehe…i just adore flowers & i can’t wait until i pick up some lovely cut flowers on friday, which is the special day of our virtual tea party!!!!  ooooh, i cannot wait…  i’m revved up about setting up a little tea party, even if it’s just going to be just the hubby & me.  i will be sure to take pix all day friday (aka T-DAY) & post them here & in the flickr group.  only FOUR more days…

before i go on, i have to wish my niece, jay-jay, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  she turned the big SIX today, yay!!  la-la, honey oxoxoxoxox! (la-la is what she used to say for “love you”.)


hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday sweetheart!  uncle joe & i love you so very much!!!  i hope you get that little b-day surprise in the mail soon *SWAK*!


as i was saying, i went shopping for some ingredients to make some tea sandwiches, tidbits, etc (aka *yumminess*), which i found in my cookbooks above… i went into the international aisle at the store & came across this>>>


it’s from australia & i was intrigued with the name, violet crumble…what the heck is a violet crumble?  it was only a buck, so in it went into my shopping cart.


well, when i got to my car & starting to unload the bags into the back of the jeep, i opened my violet crumble…it’s basically a chocolate bar, i discovered.  but, it was a bit HARD, lol…almost like a very hard nougat, but it wasn’t a nougat…it was, well, i guess, DRY, would be a way to describe it.  it’s like the consistency of a butterfinger bar, but minus the butter, lol!  oh well, ya live & learn, right? (i only took a couple of bites…it has an interesting taste…it’s still in my pocketbook!)


i *heart* pink gerberas!  i didn’t want to buy them yet…i’m going wait until T-DAY to buy a bunch 🙂

i went to my local warehouse store & i broke down & purchased photoshop elements… for some time now, i had been going back & forth in my head whether or not i should buy it & also would use it, as i am not very digi-savvy…but perhaps i will become such if i sat down & taught myself?  after all, with all the schooling behind me, i’m not a complete dunce, lol!


lookey what i did…i made these from photoshop!  they are part of my thank you wip for the tea party participants (which in the flickr group, they’re dubbed, “dishy cupcakes”)…oh, i’m not tellin’



  what’s inside this box…it is definitely for me to know & you (i.e., the dishy cupcakes) to find out!

i’m also glad i went & got ps …because i spied these two books there.  check it out>>>





cool huh?  i was all over them like a duck on a june bug, hehehe!


i’ve been getting atcs from my swap-bot partners & the above are two of the latest (thanks brenda a. & valarie w.!), which got me  thinking about getting in gear, because i haven’t started on my atcs yet for the mega atc swap>>>20 atcs, yikes!  by now, you all should know that i’m NUTs ‘n BOLTz…


i took my spc pix from last week & altered it using, guess what?  photoshop!  see, i AM using it, yay!


a while back, i got a BUNCH from melba (a dear blog sista) of her postcards, which i told her that i would be happy to help distribute…i’m sending them with my atcs…


yuppers, got all 20 (actually 21, because i need a copy for myself) done.  i did the image transfer technique using gel medium.  i yucked up a few cards before i finally got the hang of it.


here’s one of my yucked up cards that i salvaged…

& i think after this wicked busy weekend, i ought to follow my own advice.


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