friday’s finds, countdown & hands

fairybook3.jpg for friday’s finds this week, i chose this book i found at my local big lots store (it’s an overstock discount store).  last week, i was picking up some last minute easter goodies for my sister gail’s chitlins when i  spotted this fairy book (by betty bib)…it was $5 usd & too cute to pass up.

fairybook1.jpg here’s a page from this book…

fairybook2.jpg and another…it seems that the authoress is a fairy officianado as she goes on in great detail all sorts of facts that you would ever want to know about fairies…apparently, according to ms, bib, no two fairies are alike…it’s a cute book filled with delightful pix…will give plenty of inspiration for those of you (myself included) who are into fairies and/or fairy-like things…

clmaymag.jpg speaking of DELIGHTFUL…i received my may issue of country living magazine last week (already?!!! it’s still april) & in this issue, there’s a FAB spread about TEA TIME, specifically, hosting a mother’s day tea…but this mag came at a perfect time because ONE WEEK from TODAY is our virtual TEA PARTY!!!  i’m soooooooooooooo WICKED excited, can you tell???

cltea2.jpg (photo credit: robin stubbert)  this issue has got me so pumped for creating a fabulous spread for my tea time!  i’ve been gathering & finding all sorts of lovely tea things for T-DAY (all day APRIL 20th).

tbisquits.jpg (photo credit: wendell t. webber) this weekend,  i’m planning on baking a variety of delectable goodies in preparation for T-DAY time…oooh, this reminds me of the time when i baked for my sister’s bridal shower tea…i made an assortment of cookies, scones, & little cakes… this weekend, i’m gonna get my BAKE on, hehehe.  i can’t wait for T-DAY…even my dh says he will have a cuppa tea with me!  🙂 

can’t wait to “SEE”  everyone participating on T-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ww1.jpg for extra spice, we’re having a BEST PIX CONTEST, in which folks can enter their tea time  pix in one, some or all of the FIVE categories>>>

1) the best pix depicting the most SCRUMPTIOUS tea-time pix (y’know, the kind of pix that’ll make your mouth water & drool!).

2) the most FANCIFUL tea time pix (think fancy-schmancy, gleaming silver, etc )…

3) the most STYLISH tea time pix (is there such a thing as tea-couture?)

4) the most GORGEOUS tea time pix (one that will make folks automatically ooh & aahhh!!)

& finally,
5)the most OUTRAGEOUS tea time pix (use your imagination!)…

partaking in the pix contest is entirely OPTIONAL>>>just wanted to spice things up a bit *smile*….give folks some ideas on possible photo choices, etc…

my sis, looney,  & i will choose the best tea pix & announce the lucky dishy cupcakes either that saturday or sunday following T-Day. winners will receive a special tea-time prize *smile*.  my sis says, do we have to give these prizes away?  can’t we keep them? that’s how cool the prizes are…my sister wants to take them all!

hands1.jpg these are pix i took of my & my dh’s hands, which i submit for CaC‘s photo thursday (a day late) topic: hands.  as you can see, his hands are giant-size next to mine.  he is a carpenter, so  hands2.jpg his are real working hands.  they are rough, calloused, manly hands.   his hands literally bring home the bacon for us. 

mine may be small, but they are working hands too.  i create arts/crafts, garden, cook, etc…i’m very, VERY low-maintenance when it comes to my hands (& my general appearance, for that matter).  oh sure, i make sure i rub lotion on them as they are prone to dryness…but that’s pretty much the extent.  i’m not one to get my nails done as i so hate chipped or peeling nail polish!  however, i will paint my toenails in the summer time. 

one thing i will say is that i LOVE the way my hand fits into my husband’s.  it feels very safe, loving & comforting.  i hold hands with him every chance i get.  i think that has to be  the sweetest act of PDA. 


it’s a yoga day, so i gotta get ready…have a TEA-riffic weekend!



7 Responses

  1. Your hand portraits are beautiful! Your hand and your husband’s hand look like they fit together perfectly.

  2. Hello…. I am back from my vacation and I have been as sick as a dog, but I got some good pictures down in florida at EPCOT of a store that only sold tea and tea cups….. Of course, I thought of you as soon as saw it and thought I need to check out this little store. It was great. You would of loved it. I will keep in touch. I am on my way to Michigan for a wedding this weekend. NO wonder I am always sick always on the go….

    Oh well… Miss ya honey and I will call you soon… Love Angie Wangie

    P.S. I have not received my Country Living mag yet…. I thought I was their biggest fan… Oh well…. I hope it comes today so that I can check out their spread that you mentioned……

  3. cant wait for the virtual tea party!! should be great fun!
    im a huge fan of Country Living USA
    we have yet to receive the April issue though….always 2mnths behind!

  4. I am having trouble signing into my flickr account…I do have some pictures that I added to my account a few weeks ago, but with yahoo my id is all messed up. Later this week I will fix it and post pictures from the lovely goodies I received from my swap partner Mindy!

    I have been reading the discussion there…
    I will be having tea late morning on Saturday. Sean makes the best scones. He is closing on Saturday so he will be home in the morning with us. He doesn’t know it yet but he will be making the scones for us ( I bought all the ingridients he needs!) Hopefully some pics will come out nice and I will enter the contest too.


    I love your hand pic!

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