& the winners are…

dscn1865.jpg goes to lucky, lucky wendy of windyangels, wahoo!!!!

dscn1868.jpg goes to karen aka rohanknitter, hooray!!!

dscn1870.jpg goes to jen c., yay!!!

& last but not least, dscn1871.jpg this goes to valarie w., yipee!!!

i have everyone’s snail mail addies, except valarie’s…i don’t have your addy from the bird atc swap anymore…would you be a dear & contact me at follow_your_bliss07@hotmail ? your freebies will be happily sent off to all of you soon 🙂  

many thanks to all plus cheryl of from the pines for playing this week’s wysiwyg wednesday!!!  it really brings a smile to my heart to know that you, too, want to spread the creative wealth & good karma!

next wysiwyg wednesday will be on the 25th of april…

well, it looks like i will be heading out to school this morning (sniff, sniff)…have a great thursday y’all!  & congratulations again for this week’s ww lucky recipients!


2 Responses

  1. Oh YES! Thanks Mary Ann. Uhhh, we’ve got snow again too. I don’t hold any enthusiasm. We’ve still got 3 feet from the winter in our front yard on the N side. Oh well. Hoping you have a terrific day, playing in the snow ;^)
    Love you dear,

  2. Yippee! Thanks much, you’re a sweetheart!
    Sorry you didn’t get your snow day! (if it’s gotta be cold and yucky, we should at least get a snow day out of it!)

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