friday’s finds

it’s freezing outside (28 degrees F), but the sun is out (always a good thing)… the high temp today will only be 38!  & there is so much construction activity outside my window…freezing & noisy, what a combo to wake up to…

this is a quick post as it is yoga class today.  i wanted to make sure i showed you my kewl stuff for this week’s friday’s finds before i dash out into the brrrrrrrrrr cold…

i spotted this painted bureau at carousel consignments (one of my fave local “junk-tique” shops) & thought how perfect for a work surface!  it’s a bit taller than countertop height (which i like), not overwhelmingly huge (bec. my studio space is small), very sturdy & structurally sound.  i like to stand while i work & this bureau is perfect!  i’m not too crazy about sitting while creating…i prefer to stand (i know, a funny quirk about me, but what can i say?).


i also love the fact that i have all this storage space!  in the past week, i’ve started to clear off huge piles & been able to tuck them all neatly into these very accomodating drawers (which btw are dovetailed).


cool, huh?  i know, right?  i feel such a sense of accomplishment…organizing my piles of stuff…i’m so pleased with myself…tickled pink really  🙂




i also found this sweet bag of vintage fabric scraps…i just love the ble/red/cream theme…so very patriotic & retro at the same time.


& aren’t these vintage buttons just darling?  so spring-y…


oh my look at the time…i’ve got to get going or i’ll be late for class… i’ll leave you with this snap of these sparkly butterfly clip & sign.

happy friday!  toodles! xoxo


3 Responses

  1. It’s fun to peek into other artists studios and see how they work and store their stuff. I need to do some rearranging myself. It’s quite a challenge to keep it somewhat contained, isn’t it? I prefer to work standing up, too.
    Love the fabric and spring-y buttons!

  2. Love the new banner, Mar, and what a fantastic find that bureau was! Superb! 🙂 Love the fabrics and the buttons, too! I think it’s very sensible to stand while you’re creating – and very good for your back. I sit down far too much at this blummin’ computer and suffer for it sometimes, so good for you!
    Hope your brother had a good birthday, and that you are in better health now. Have a lovely Easter break, and I hope the weather warms up for you very soon, too.
    Keep Smiling! 🙂
    Love & Hugs,
    Suze xXx

  3. so glad you have been posting again, I need to work on my creative space, my hubby just moved half the basement to his new after easter, I am going to work on getting some new space for myself..hope you have a Happy Easter!

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