things i learned while on my bloggy break


(me & patches lounging, with me reading the book i received from michelle, during CaC‘s february book swap, which i read in one sitting, er lounging!)

i can’t believe that i’ve been away from my blog for nearly a month.  at first it felt STRANGE to not post something on my blog, not even a pictureprior to my break, i have been known to post several times a day!  but you know what?  it wasn’t as bad as i initially thought.  NOW it feels kinda STRANGE to post something. wow.  i can’t believe i typed those words.   i’ve gotten used to NOT blogging…can you believe that???!  me, the biggest blogaholic this side of the mississppi?!!!  a complete reversal in thought process…a totally different mindset…


prior to my break, i felt so overwhelmed. not in a good way either.  i had so much going on, both on & offline.  i felt like i had lost control & i was going in all sorts of directions without a clue.  after my st. louie trip, i felt i needed to PULL BACK on the blogging.  i actually considered letting go of my blog altogether because i was beginning to resent my blog.  i felt i was being RULED/ENSLAVED by my blog.  it was outta control folks (in my head it was, anyway).  & then i had all these other commitments (work, personal, family, social, etc)…it became TOO MUCH for me to bear…i had reached critical mass>>>something had to give.  & since i was such an incessant blogaholic, my blog time had to GIVE.  majorily.


& i’m glad i listened to my inner self…because i CALMED the heck down!  things started to get done.  i started to relax & focus.  i gradually regained control over my life.  i created artwork without anxiety or pressure.  relearned how to crochet (& found that i LOVE it!).  completed a bunch of wips that were so patiently waiting for me to do so (& you can check out my flickr to see what i’m talking about). spent a lot of time with loved ones (esp. my little niece shioban, who says she wants to be an “artist” just like me, awwww! & also with looney, who is helping me organize our upcoming virtual tea party, which btw we are WICKED excited about!).  reaffirmed that i am (& have been all along)  following my bliss.  🙂


i continue to be inspired & reassured by others (such as the women i met at country living‘s women entrepreneurs event & the many lovely folks whose blogs i visit).

i realized that is is perfectly OKAY if i don’t participate in EVERY weekly art meme/challenge/swap.  before, i thought i HAD to participate in ALL the blog/ flickr/ swap groups i belong (or longed to belong) in.  the world doesn’t end  if i choose to take a pass every now & then.  ALSO, the world continues on whether or not i decide to blog.  THAT was HUGE for me to realize (& accept). 


(a series of atcs for a swap in flickr)

i also have come to realize (& am reaffirmed) that i BLOG, not for popularity’s sake or achieving the greatest number of comments.  my blog is not (& never was) about being or striving to be popular.  it doesn’t matter one iota to me  if i get 50 trillion comments or ZIPPO on my blog.  you see, i don’t live for COMMENTS on my blog.  any comments i do receive are BONUSES>>>generous acts of kindness …


I BLOG (& this was true from the very beginning of my blog journey) for my own sake* for my own amusement* for posterity* for my self-expression/exploration* for a challenge to myself* & for sharing who & what i am about/am doing at any given moment. 

 i BLOG also to keep in touch with & stay connected to my sisters (esp. looney), my nieces & nephews (esp. shioban & isabel, future artsy-craftsy soul sistas), my family & pals (both on & offline), my dear, dear blog sistas (too numerous to name, but they know who they are!) …

i appreciate, welcome & even encourage like-minded creative souls to visit my blog, without strings, expectations, pressure attached.  if something i might share on my blog happens to bring a smile, then that’s ENOUGH for me. another bonus for me! pls. do not feel obligated to leave a comment unless you feel compelled to do so.   i visit many blogs & used to think i had to comment everytime i lurked   visited…but that became too much, you know what i’m saying?  it’s really impossible, if not impractical, to comment on every post on each & every blog you happen to visit!  now, that’s outta control.

 during my time away, something else has been bothering me for some time now & i feel the need to clear the air & set the record straight…

what i postively do not appreciate if/when one does come visit my blog is the potential for COPYING.  i’ve given a lot of thought, time & effort on all my various projects & to see copying going on elsewhere is a HUGE NO-NO in my book.

i understand that one gets ideas & inspiration from viewing others’ works (this happens to each & everyone one of us, yours truly included,  at some time or another) …but for goodness sake, pls. at the very least, give credit where credit is due!  i strive to be mindful of this & at every chance i remember to do so, i supply the proper source for my inspiration.  i would hope that others would follow suit.  but, alas, it’s not always the case & it disheartens me so to see such COPYING without mention of credit of the idea source.  i cannot even begin to tell you how GREATLY this bothers me  & because of that,  it makes me rather hesitant to share anything i’ve created for fear of blatant copying

BUT, i’ve watched the secret, & i don’t want to put that fear out into the universe.  so instead, i put this out:

“i will respectfully acknowledge & properly credit those sources who/whom inspire me & others will do likewise.”

there. that’s more like it.  & that felt so much better to get that off my chest.  you have no idea how HEAVILY that was weighing on my mind lately.

my time away has done me some real good.  it has quieted me>>>all that frantic chaos that, frankly, i created for myself.  the time away has taught me so much about what i want & don’t want my blog (or my life, for that matter) to be to me.  the time away helped me refocus my energies/attention/priorities, reconnect with myself & others & overall, regain control over my life.  it was a very good thing, this bloggy break.  i would do it again when the need arises.  i  was taking care of me… & we need to do that for ourselves as frequently as we need to, don’t we?   


 ( a 4×4 collage i made for danielle‘s spring has sprung swap)

well folks, it looks like i’m BACK in the saddle…& it sure does feel good, if not familiar! 



4 Responses

  1. Welcome back sweetheart, I echo all you’ve just said, Im not going to repeat everything but like you my blog is for me and if anyone leaves me a comment or message I feel blessed that theyve given me some of their precious time. I’ve stopped visiting all the blogs everyday instead I go and create and its far more rewarding. I discoved how to use bloglines too!!! taken me long enough ~ its a fab way of catching up quickly.
    Im sorry someone copied your work I suppose its too easy on the web, your artwork is fabulous Mary Ann and I love the atc’s for the flickr swap. Anyway its late Im off to bed now but just wanted to say hi. Sending love ~ Jude xx

  2. i love this picture of you in bed!! i’m glad your bloggy break was a good one. i’ve had to take a few as well. i’m glad you did what you needed and you are feelin refreshed!!welcome back!

  3. Hi sweetie, good to catch up with you and your blog, I am so glad i particpated in your swap, I had so so much fun creating for windyangels…and I loved my treasure that georgia sent to me…I am having similar struggles lately and just am making the right decisions for me and my family…I love seeing all your new creations….nice to see you!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog…your post is so true….and has made me realise a few things. I have enjoye dlooking through your artwork and I hope it would be ok to link you to mine so i can visit you again.

    Hugs across the miles
    Sarah xx

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