wordless wednesday



7 Responses

  1. i snapped this pix of my autistic students’ handprints to form this rainbow… believe me when i say it took some DOING to get this rainbow made!!!!

    happy ww all!

    🙂 mary ann

  2. Now this is really unique. Love it, and I have some idea how difficult it was to get this done. Great job.

  3. Lovely! What a great project to make a rainbow of their handprints.

  4. Wow. This shows you care for them.

  5. You’re so cute!

  6. How lucky they are to have you. What a great photo. Very touching.

  7. WOW girl, I think it waas good for you to take a break! It CAN be enslaving, and addictive too…

    I’m glad that you’ll still blog though! Some of us would greatly miss you! xoxox

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