blog break interrupted

hi all!  taking a little break from my bloggy break… hehehe(which btw has been going well)…so that i can bring you my show ‘n’ tell of my CREATIVE CRAFT SWAP goodies for CaC…(as the guest swap host, i, too, have to share my goodies with the group 🙂  !!

over the weekend, i received my wonderfully thoughtful swap package from cynthia.  i was thrilled & touched by what she created & put together for me.  check it out>>>


thank you sooooooooo much CYNTHIA!!! i *heart* everything you sent me!!!


i just LOVE this beautiful pendant (her very own creation)!


& let’s not forget this awesome card she made just for me!!!  this will be framed ASAP!

my time as guest swap host is coming to an end as next monday will be a start of a brand new swap.  i had a blast guest-hosting this month’s swap…so now, i happily pass the swap torch on!  in the meantime, to check out other creative craft swap goodies, pls. head over to CaC

welp, since i’m here, i may as well share some goodies i found over the weekend 🙂 … i went to a local vintage paper show yesterday  &  found some wonderful paper lovelies, sweet vintage plastic bunny containers, a darling felt baby jacket (which i plan to finish embroidering & give it to a dear friend of mine who is due in july) …after about 2 hours of perusing TONS of boxes & tables of stuff at the paper show, i started to head home when i spied a sign “FLEA MARKET TODAY”….of course, my car veered over to the left lane & before i knew it, i happened onto this metal building i never noticed before…

actually, it was kinda shady-looking, but i decided to give the place a chance because experience has taught me that just because it looks scary & ultra junky on the outside, there just might be some great treasures awaiting inside!  so  {gulp} i headed right in…

my eyes immediately started to burn & i started to choke silently as i walked into this stifling SMOKE-filled establishment…  i was about to run for the hills…but then i spied these dainty tea cups in the haze. wasn’t i pleasantly surprised to find they were in good condition & they were $1.00 each for both cup & saucer?!  i thought, okay, mar, you’re just gonna hafta suck it up & explore this oxygen-deprived place!  welp, i came across some cool vintage pin cushions (on metal feet; $1.00 each), vintage rolodex-looking paper (box of 500 sheets for 50 cents each), & an old scrabble game for $1.50… i also spotted a nice shabby chic bookcase & 1920s desk (both were under $25.00 each), but i started to sneeze & hack  PLUS i couldn’t BREATHE… i had to get out for some fresh air (BIGTIME!)…


the gal behind the counter was totally oblivious to my respiratory distress as she rang up my goodies…i did ask her if they planned on doing an OUTDOOR flea market?  she said, but of course…next month they will start having the outdoor sales (THANK goodness, i screamed in my head)…come again, the gal says to me as i made my mad dash to the door…too bad it was suffocating inside there…i think i would have actually gotten the desk & bookcase.  maybe they will turn up in next month’s OUTDOOR flea market…’cuz frankly, i don’t know if i’d go back inside anytime soon.

welp, have a GREAT week & be assured that i will return (for real) really soon…now, back to my bloggy break.


7 Responses

  1. […] genius that hosted this month’s swap. What a fun swap! She has generously thanked me in this post for the stickers, rub ons, die cuts, journal, card and pendant I sent her way. That is the first […]

  2. wowowowzer!!!!!!!!!!! what a wonderful treat of surprises you received this weekend! you sure find the sweetest & most creative souls to swap with!!!!!!! i adore cynthia’s beautiful and most unique pendant…looks like something right out of the fashionista types of mags…and the “follow your bliss” painting…how awesome is that???? definitely art that must be framed!!!!!

    Man the Luck of the Irish really spread like wildfire for you this weekend, huh?!!!! man-o-man alive…wish i was there with you discovering all those treasures…such eye-candy for a MONDAY-what a fantastic treat!!!!!

    your smoke-gets-in-my-eye snippet was too hilarious!!!!! i was getting reya withdrawals and glad you gave me (us) a quick fix…can’t wait to see & read more of your spring adventures…happy blog vacation! xoxo looney aka jo

  3. good to hear from you mary ann. i hate smoking indoors too. luckily most provinces in canada have banned smoking in public indoor places!

  4. great swap surprises! I loved this swap by the way, I had so so much fun creating! I am having troubles with my blog but hope to take the time to troubleshoot it and get some pictures of my awesome necklace that I am wearing right now…I had so many conversations about this today….so glad to have participated this time! thanks!

  5. Fantastic swap goodies, Mar! You so deserve to get them! I had the most awesome parcel from Nikki and am so glad to have taken part, too. Glad you survived the smoke-filled experience, and that you came away with such wonderful finds!
    Enjoy the rest of your break ~ it’s great to see you back here again, if only for a little while 🙂
    Love ‘n’ Hugs, Suze xXx

  6. WOW it’s great to see you and your finds again. OH yeah I got the package yesterday in the mail. WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! Thank you so much

  7. […] genius that hosted this month’s swap. What a fun swap! She has generously thanked me in this post for the stickers, rub ons, die cuts, journal, card and pendant I sent her way. That is the first […]

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