auf wiedersehn [till we meet again]


many of the st. louie pix (like the wordless wednesday post) were snapped here {blossom & toile}…an extraordinary & enchanting antique shop…

it’s time now to begin my little r & r from my blog…you may, however, still find me each monday this month at CaC, as i am guest hosting the CREATIVE CRAFT SWAP in honor of national craft month…there’s still some time left to sign-up folks>>>you have until this saturday march 3rd to do so…& you may also find me here, where i’ll be starting to pair up partners for the tea swap my sis & i are hosting…

this month is a wicked BUSY time for me>>>lots of never-ending wips, work& personal commitments as well as  conferences (like the country living women entrepreneur event on the 10th & a 4-day speech pathology conference at the end of the month)…i’ve got so many things going on right now that i don’t know whether  i am coming or going…& i need to slooooooooooow it the heck down.

so i’m going to take a much needed break [though i promise you it’ll be a brief pause because i get such wicked withdrawals] from my blogging adventures… just until my offline projects/commitments/obligations/etc. quiet down some…

know that i will be thinking about all my dear blog pals, sistas & vistors on my little time away…& also know that i’ll be sending all the postive karma i can muster your way…

it’s not goodbye, you know…just a brief intermission, if you will.  i’ll be back, perhaps lurking a bit here & there, but most assuredly, i’ll be back rested (i can only hope!), rejuvenated, reconnected & revved up to go 🙂 !  i’m sure by the time i resurface i will have LOADS to show & tell!  

just a few pix taken from over the year of my artwork, family, friends & adventures to tide you over>>>



& one last thing,


shine on my friends 🙂

affectionately, mary ann xoxo

9 Responses

  1. Love you, dear Karma Queen! 😉 Will be seeing you over at CaC, but hope that you can make the most of the rest of your time off and enjoy the break! Breathe easy…
    Huge Hugs & Loads of Love,
    Suze xXx

  2. Mary Ann
    Maybe next year we can go to the Country Living Event together!

    I love all your pictures!


  3. May you get all the rest and rejuvination you need — in between all your commitments, of course.
    I will miss you but I’ll be patient until you return. Thanks for all these gorgeous pics. The shop window turned out beautifully! (I am working on a little gifty for the very nice lady/owner.)
    I had a wonderful weekend when you were here in St. Lou. (Wouldn’t you know it’s sunny and in the 60’s again – tornado worries appear to be over for now.)
    Love and best wishes you to and your family.

  4. Have a great little time away. The photos are fabulous – what a nice idea for sharing. You shine on too.
    Lovin’ you.
    hugs and angels be with you beautiful one.
    Wendy XOXO

  5. Hi Sweetie! Oh, I got your package. You are “out of control” and on double ck…lol…amazing, just amazing package. christmas with hearts in february.
    Now you rest up good and plenty sista! I have got to catch up with your bloggie here. Go get me some tea. you got plenty of beauty pix and eye candy to hold us over, ok? rest assured I’m thinking of you too even though I don’t get over to all my blog sistas at once. Hugs and more. Slow down, now, ok, stay off the cracker jacks ok? lol….xoxoxooxox love you. L.

  6. Absolutely amazing collage quilt. Have a restful and productive break!

  7. Enjoy your sabbatical Mary Ann. I hope you get all the rejuvenation you need!

  8. Mary Ann, have a restful break from blogging!

    You will be missed.

  9. WOW the pendant is great! Lucky you!

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