mission {sorta} accomplished


more st. louie pix…


my loot from that vintage paper show…i learned about another vintage paper show in, OMG, my town this coming weekend!  me thinks i will be checking that out, hehehe…

now, not all of our time was spent galavanting & mischief-making this past weekend.  we had a little “sweatshop” going on over at angie’s studio space>>>just getting started on one of our workshop projects for justBe…connected this fall (october 12-14)…

we’re gonna teach the workshop, when rubber meets paper (a rubberstamp/papercrafting class) & we’re planning to do 2, possibly 3 projects (time permitting) in this workshop. a while back i had ordered a bunch of brown craft (jewelry) boxes (200 to be exact) & angie & i decided we’d paint the box bottoms & have people taking our workshop wrap paper & embellish the box tops, as a time-saving measure.  we suckered got jennifer to help paint the bottoms>>>   jboxes2.jpg



so far we painted 100 box bottoms (thanks angie & jen!!!!)…just another 100 more to go…we can do it, we can do it, we can do it

we also  started making some lovely parting prizes for each of the classes (3 total for our workshop)…freebies are so cool to do in these situation 🙂

my idea of what the finished project will look like (a sample i made when i got home)>>>


it’s not hard to do (at least i don’t think so) & it’s a cute little thing to make as a gift or keepsake. 

& inside the little box, folks can make a cute lil card or mini-book…whatever floats their boat…


pretty nifty, huh?

speaking of that, i got this wonderful surprise in the mail>>>from my blog/flickr pal, rini.  she & i did a personal swap (1 paper doll + 1 valentine atc)… & this is the gorgeous stuff she created for little ol’ me (thank you so much rini>>>i *heart* everything!!!):


& check this out>>> she made little girly sandals for the doll!  how wicked cute is that?!


welp, it’s getting late & it’s a school nite.  i have just a couple more things i want to post>>>but they’ll have to wait until tomorrow when i come home from school. 

until then, bonne nuit & sweet dreams! xoxo


3 Responses

  1. Here I am again, completely pooped out just from reading what you’ve been up to! 😀 Sounds & looks like a fantastic time was had by all, and I’m very glad to hear that!
    I love the little boxes and so wish I could be at Just Be in October, but I WILL be, in Spirit at least. You girls are going to have SO much fun! 😀
    Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photo’s Mary Ann. I’m off to have another look at them now…
    Take care.
    Huge Hugs, Suze xXx

  2. Wow you are so talented and generous. you are so inspiring. I am so glad that I have been able to meet you even if it is only virtually 🙂

  3. wow beautiful boxes….glad to see Im not the only one with a thing for boxes and tins
    Great pics!!!

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