eye candy

finally arrived home safely from my sister’s…was i ever so happy to see my dh & kritter kats…i missed them buggers, hehehe…

man, did it ever take quite a long time to sort out the 200+ pix i took over these past few days, lol!  we had gone to breakfast (angie’s treat to us), then spent like 9 hours shopping!!!  OMG!!!  & in the rain no less!  we didn’t care…we had such WICKED fun poking around & uncovering lovely treasures & what-nots…every antique shop we went to sent us on to other shops>>>it’s a wonder that we ever made it back to angie’s house! 


when we finally got back to angie’s house (which btw ang, is SPOTLESS! OMG!), we basically crashed, but not before we ooohed & ahhed all our collective goodies…

jennifer had brought the secret dvd & we all put on our jammies & watched it before we called it a day.  i liked the part toward the end where they said to “follow your bliss”>>>that instantly made me smile!  go see it if you get the chance>>>it’s a dynamic, if not thought-provoking, reminder…


the next day, we went to a vintage paper show (never been one before & was quite overwhelmed with the literally TONS of paper ephemera to be had!!).  on the way there, we passed by the mahatma ghandi cultural center & hindu temple.  it stood out among the typical rows of brick homes in the area.  we just had to stop & check it out.  i think there was a service going on, but we just marvelled at the building>>>it was truly gorgeous to see!


this is one of my wonderful finds at the vintage paper show… i’ve more lovelies…but i’m tuckered out from all that photo-editing junk!  more to follow when i catch a breather 🙂 .


3 Responses

  1. I am so happy that you came down to see me. I swear I had the best time. I have been bummed out for the last two days since you both left. I finally broke down and shed a few tears just to let some emotion out. It was such a high to have such a great weekend and then it finally came to an end. Oh well…..

    love and miss ya, angie wangie

  2. hi angie wangie!

    OMG>>>i miss ya tooooooooo!!!! so wished we lived closer like back in the day!!!!

    don’t you fret hon, we’ll be back>>>’member? we got that sandwich flea market in may to look forward to & then the fleur de lis in june!!!

    loves & miss ya right back!
    mary ann xoxoxo

  3. Hi Mary Ann ,
    What a surprise to see our “trade” on your blog !
    Thank you for that !

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