wednesday’s gifts

it won’t be long before i hop on a plane & head south to st. louie for what’s going to be a fabulous CREATIVE gals’ weekend…i reckon there’s gonna be MISCHIEF happening with 4 crafty gals on the loose!!!  i’m told that spring apparently has sprung there & wouldn’t it be nice to NOT have to be all bundled up & bogged down with all my winter gear?  gotta call angie wangie to see how the weather’s gonna be this weekend>>>i don’t want to pack tooooo many sweaters & turtlenecks if i don’t have to…

it’s been warming up some here (but not like in st. louis apparently)…snow is starting to melt & the sun seems to be shining more>>>that’s such a relief!   one of my autistic kiddoes, who has very limited verbal output, actually said to me this morning, “sun” (pause) “shine” (actually it sounded more like “shint”)… it was nice to hear him spontaneously say that & it was appropriate because we had just walked by this very large, sunny east-facing window!  most of the time he is more or less unintelligible or making weird noises …not much true words.

when i got home from the school, my dh got the mail & said you got a package.  i zoomed over to the kitchen counter where he laid the mail & found that my dear blog pal/sis wendy sent me some goodies…actually i had gone to her site not too long ago where she had posted she was giving away “free art” & i said, send me some!  & she so generously did.  lookey here>>>  



sorry about the less-than clear pix, but it’s a fabric postcard!  HOW wicked cute is that?!!!!  i *heart* this wendy>>>thank you sooooooooo much!!!  on the back of the postcard, she wrote a sweet message.  she also sent me this gorgeous card of her blogsite>>>gonna frame that! 


she wanted to know what kind of yarn i used on the crochet projects i posted the other day>>>welp, here it is…it’s a multicolor, medium weight, acrylic yarn called, monet.  immediately loved the colors when i first laid eyes on this yarn at the store.  so very sweet &  cheerful, don’t you think?


the card i picked out when i came home from school>>>peace.

affirmation:”i breathe deeply, knowing that all is well in my universe.”


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