oh so lucky!

MANY thanks to all who played this week’s wysiwyg wednesday!!!  i greatly appreciated you all wanting to spread the good karma around & also for your kind words 🙂 ! 

without further ado, here are this week’s lucky ducks>>>

dscn0749.jpg  item #1 goes to a newcomer, crissybug.  yay & enjoy!!  please drop me your snail mail addy to follow_your_bliss07@hotmail.com… as soon as i hear from you, i will send off your lovelies.

dscn0752.jpg item #2 goes to my pal jo>>> hooray!!  i already have your snail mail addy…so i will send this to you very soon. 

dscn0755.jpg item #3 goes to dear blog sis, suzie q>>>yipee skippy!!  i also have your snail mail & will send this off very soon…

dscn0754.jpg & this bad boy, item #4, goes to blog pal, tammy>>>wowzers, how lucky are you???!  especially since she was my very, very 1st ww winner back in june  & here she is winning one of the last ww items before my break…talk about what comes around, goes around, lol! 

i just love it when good karma is perpetuated, don’t you?

well my dearies… this is it for the time being.  wysiwyg wednesday will return very, very soon.  in the meantime, may the good karma always find its way to you!


3 Responses

  1. Yay!! I can’t believe I won this one!! Whoohoo! Thank you SO much! You put out so much good into the world – not only with your wysiwyg stuff, but your swaps and your posts and on and on… You for sure have good karma coming your way!! 🙂 Thanks bunches!

  2. Congrats to all! And you go SUZIE!
    Hello Mar! Been missing you! I am trying to get around more to commenting and posting…I have to gather up some goodies for a TTT(Thursdays Treasure Treats) for next week! It’s time for me to start doing that again! 😀 Lurves you much and great big hugs! xoxox Nance

  3. Big Cheesy Grin here! 😀 Bless you, Mary Ann, I’m so glad to have won that wonderful gift 🙂
    I hope you have such a great time on your trip, and look forward to hearing about it on your safe return home. Take care, sweetheart.
    Big Love xXx

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