wysiwyg wednesday

one last wysiwyg wednesday before i go on my mini bloggin’ hiatus…


the first item up for grabs>>> a 3-piece set:  a cute pink/brown/green spiral bound journal (w/ soft pink mini polka dot pages), 3-d alpha stickers & glass pebbles (wedding words such as “love”, “happiness always”, wedding wishes”, “on your wedding day”, “congratulations” & “wedding bells”)…


second item up for grabs>>>another 3 piece set: a cute blue/green/brown spiral bound journal (w/ soft green mini polka dot pages), felt shaped stickers (blue & green) & a heidi grace acrylic plaque w/ the message ” let love, beauty, & joy be the constant in your life.”


third item yours for the asking>>>a rubber stamp mag & 2 unused/in package stamps of butterfly & dragonfly…spring is just around the corner & these lovely stamps may just come in handy in your spring crafting 🙂 …


& finally, the fourth item up for the taking>>>a spiral-bound book chock full of ideas for scrapbook layouts, mini- & altered books…  this is a slightly hefty book with tons of colorful pictures & plenty of eye candy!

if anything is of interest to you, pls. let me know by leaving a comment stating so.  i will take names until 10 pm cst tonite (wednesday) & then announce the lucky recipients on thursday.

since i started this whole giveway i called “wysiwyg wednesday” back in june ’06,  it has given me great pleasure to be able to share the creative wealth & also  send some good karma other people’s way…i will miss doing this RAK  while i’m away from bloggyland…but rest assured wysiwyg wednesday will be back in full force when i return from my lil break.  

shine on & may the good karma be with you!


8 Responses

  1. Wow, I’d love to have either the 3rd or 4th things. You’re so good to offer it all up!

  2. I need to start doing this – I have so much stuff sitting unused!!

    I would love the 4th item! 🙂

  3. If it’s ok, I would like to be put down for 1 or 2. Man I’m going to miss my little goodies :(. I hope to see you soon after your break!!!

  4. Hi Mary Ann, I’d love item 3. We’ll miss you on your break, not just for WYSIWYGW but for all your art too.

  5. I would love 1,2 or 4! This is great….it is so nice for you to share!

  6. Hi Beautiful,
    I’d love to have my name entered for #3 and #4. I hope you have a terrific time away. And should mention I’d like to do the swap + tea party.
    Angels be with you,
    Wendy XO

  7. Oh Mar, I made it, only to find that you’re disappearing soon. Sobbing into my tea here… I quite understand what you mean & why you need the blogging break, though. I think we’ve all felt a bit like that recently, and you so deserve a break. Full steam ahead, full tilt, full on Karma Queen! ‘Bout time you recharged your batteries, I dare say.. I’ll miss you, though, and hope you won’t be gone for long.
    Please can my name go into the draw for #s 2 & 3? Thank you very much.
    Take care, darling. Much Love xXx

  8. Hi Mary Ann
    I’ll miss reading your blog each day but I do hope you have a great break.

    Please put my name down for 1 and 2.

    Jo 🙂

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