my post i wrote yesterday somehow got DELETED>>>i dunno how that happened!  arghhh! & it was a wicked long post!!!!!

welp, i’ll try to recreate that post as best that my little brain can recall…oh- so careless of me!!! waaah!!!  the post below really is for monday & this post is actually a recreation of yesterday!!!

it was the start of chinese new year yesterday>>>GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!  loosely translated it means prosperity & good luck to you in cantanese chinese.  it’s the year of the boar (or “pig” if you’d rather)…i can’t remember the link that i had found, but i’m sure if you did a yahoo or google search, you’ll get many responses!

then i showed a pix of my lil crochet purse ( that my blog sis jes commented on previous post) i made over the weekend…is that not cute?  i think so…i’m thinking about making more of these for my shop or sticking a tea bag for my swap partner for the tea party + swap…hmmm, we’ll see…


& i wrote about quite a few new links i wanted to share>>>

like the artful water blog, started by leah & jessie…to collectively muse about julia cameron’s lastest book, finding water, the 3rd in a trilogy.  i just ordered my book on amazon & will get it soon…i’m a bit nervous about committing to the group mainly because i haven’t yet read the 1st two books!  but i have quite a few blog sistas & pals, so i’m comforted by that.

i also wrote about in the post i stupidly & so accidently deleted about jamie‘s new site>>>wishcasting.  how cool to be able to make a wish or a few & have others help make your wish(es) come to fruition (or at least magnify them)…i’ve always believed that with a little faith & determination, anything is possible, including wishes.

then i mentioned my blog pal, lisa, who very recently opened her on-line shop>>>it’s all about scrapbooking.  pls. check it out & maybe you just might find that special embellishment, paper or new gizmo there 🙂 .


have you seen the latest issue of this mag? it’s the women’s entrepreneur issue.  in a few weeks i will be going to their event on this very subject in chicago>>>i can’t wait! i went to that last year with my sisters & it was AMAZING!  i learned so much & not to mention so wonderfully inspired!  i got to meet the cl staff, anna corba (i *heart* her!), lisa norris & amy butler  & so many other folks i can’t even begin to tell you!


go on, get your copy if you haven’t already…you get this in that issue!

getting this mag couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  i was ruminating about what to write for my dear blog sis melba‘s CaC‘s monday swaps for next month, which i’ll be guest-hosting.  i initially was going to do a “green” swap, due to the fact that i love to garden & this is the time i generally start seeds indoors; it’s one of my fave colors; that spring begins in march, a time of rebirth & renewal of the earth, etc…

but when i got my cl copy, it reminded me that march is national craft month & this is soooo perfect for march’s swap theme.  i mean, you put CaC bloggers & CRAFTS= CREATIVE CRAFT SWAP!  yay, it’s coming together!

now, how to word my post…i’ll think of something.


yesterday, i made an atc for the justBe post.  i’d like to give it away.  if you are interested, just leave me a comment stating so.  i will draw a name tonite (midnight, cst) & then announce the lucky winner tomorrow on fat tuesday. 

i’m getting ready to visit some dear pals in st. louie this friday (angie wangie, michel & jen)…i’m so excited because it’s gonna be a CREATIVE GIRLS weekend!  i can’t wait!!!  angie wangie has planned so much for us! 

& yesterday i pulled out a card & i believe it was compassion

& the affirmation: ” the vibration of compassion shines through my every cell!”

i think i need to revist this card today after my blogging blunder, lol!



3 Responses

  1. Put my name in, please. She’s pretty in pink.
    By the way, did you see the movie, “The Queen?” I really enjoyed it.

    See you soon!


  2. so pretty in pink! wow…what else can’t you do??? crocheted lil purse is darling…i know several lil’ ladies that would adore this! just went to Target and these mags were sold OUT!!!!!!!!!! on my quest to find these fab mags…love the inspiring stories of dreams really coming true into successful realities…wish i could attend… xo looney

  3. ps.. gung hay fat choy to you too! may this year of the boar bring exciting prosperity and good fortune to you and all your bloggin’ sistas all year around!!! xoxo looney

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