family, part 2

i was in such a hurry yesterday to post my {family} pix for CaC‘s photo thursday, that i realized shoulda used this pix my step-MIL gave me.  this was taken at one (of MANY) SILs this past christmas…you think that’s a lot?  it’s only but a mere fraction of my dh’s entire CLAN!  seriously, when ALL the in-laws get-together, it’s like a small town!! no kidding.


i went to my dear blog pal, tammy‘s site (she’s a  guest author for CaC this month, btw) & had wanted to post a couple of comments on her family piece as well as as her osc swap post…but the BLASTED blogger would not let me!  anyhoo, she showed a pic of her many sibs & that triggered in my head, oh, i shoulda used that pic that peg gave us!  & then she also posted a pic of her honey at multnomah falls (oregon)>>>i had been there a couple of years ago visiting my longest & dearest college pal, alison, who snapped this pix of me in front of the falls on larch mountain>>>


just for you tammy>>>almost identical to the pic of your mike 🙂 !  crazy, huh?


on a completely different note>>> i have never been a fan of grey’s anatomy UNTIL the past month or so… on thursdays i usually like to catch ugly betty (my sis gail got me hooked on that!), which comes on before grey’s …& then men in trees, which comes after grey’s.  to see these 2 shows, i kinda can’t help but stay tuned into watching grey’s (i had resisted for so long!)…which is BAD now, lol,  because i’ve succombed (like so many others!) to the ADDICTION!

is it just me, but have the show’s writers gone mad?    bec.  next week’s teaser’s  leading us to believe that meredith (the doc who drowned) will be walking around the hospital as a ghost?!

i dunno, that seems like a s-t-r-e-t-c-h!  

i guess, that sort of thing SUCKS people in & makes them (like me, i’m afraid!) come back for more.

     HOW did i get myself sucked into this drama?



4 Responses

  1. Now that’s a full house! LOL Great piccys! If you enjoy the shows…watch em! hehe…I usually watch whatever everyone else is watching..which isn’t often…unless a good movie is on! Like the other night we watched A League of Extrordinary tell me who can resist Sean Connery! ehehe He could talk to me all day! 😉 xoxo Nancy

  2. I LOVE your additions to the family pics!! What a great big group!! We haven’t had all of us together in a LONG time.

    And you at Multnomah! How cool is that?! Isn’t it an amazing place? I want to go back!

  3. Wow, you’re right, that’s a CLAN!!

    Love the photo of you in front of the falls.

  4. ain’t family grand?! you look soo beautiful in front of the falls…nice, really nice! xoxo looney

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