to all my beautiful, sweet family, blog sistas, pals & readers::

i hope you had a most DELIGHTFUL valentine’s day!!

i had a rather TRYING day at school (some of my spectrum students really make me WORK for my $$$!)  & at the end of such a day, i am positively DRAINED, can i just tell you?

& the blizzards & deep freeze we have been having certainly don’t make things any better!

but this past week, i was delighted to be the recipient of so many SWAP packages>>>



like this one from the valentine swap over at swap-bot..oooh, i just simply adore the teeny tiny tea set (china no less!)>>>how could have my swap buddy know that i love tea & hosting a virtual tea party?  i didn’t tell her…but i’m oh-so thrilled to find this in the strawberry shortcake covered parcel!


& these are the love cards i received from 3 swap pals>>>these were from the rva card swap.


& i got these cool atcs plus extra lovelies from amy’s swap>>>what a wonderful assortment!


finding these sweet packaged delights after such intense day can certainly make me feel all the lovin’ 🙂 …


2 Responses

  1. Hope your Valentine’s day was a beautiful one! But with all those goodies you can definately feel the love! 🙂 xoxo Nance

  2. OOOHH I got one of your atc’s and goodies in Amy’s swap – so beautiful!!! Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh and your packages arrived too and I absolutely love everything. The ATC holder is to die for!!! My dream is to have a 10th of the talent that you and the other particpants in this swap have:):)

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