photo thursday


{family} is this week’s theme for CaC‘s photo thursday.  i have 3 sisters & one brother (all of whom have their own families), about a kajillion relatives in the mother country & a kajillion more on my in-laws side (my dh is the 10th out of 11 children, all of whom have children & many  with their own children)! my dh & i have 5 kitties that we call family… the above montage is just a snippet of my quite HUGE extended FAMILY.


but for all intents & purposes, my dh is my immediate family (& not to mention my hunk of burning love), along with our kitty tribe.

without family, there wouldn’t be YOU.




9 Responses

  1. Love seeing all those family photos together! And wow 11 children! Goodness me! A hello to your hunk! 🙂 Give the kitties a scratchin behind the ears for me! 🙂 xoxo Nance

  2. Wow! I love your collage! And I think you may have me beat on numbers!!

    I did receive my osc goodies just yesterday – amazing stuff!! Thank you SOOOO much! You went way over the top and made this a phenomenal swap! I will post about it today or tomorrow as I find time!

  3. Wow, Mary Ann! That is one HUGE family! 🙂
    Wonderful photo collage, and that hubby of yours is a real hunk of gorgeousness! Lucky You! 😉 Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day.. Hugs, Suze xXx

  4. wow, that’s so awesome! Makes me feel so alone LOL!

  5. Wow! A great collage of pictures!

  6. that’s amazing! I come from a pretty small family so it is just amazing to look at these great pictures. Love the collage!

  7. reminds me of an elvis song, ‘hunk of burning love’ wow, lol, you so deserve all those gorgeous goodies too, loads of love to you ~ Jude xxx

  8. this collection of pictures of the family is just great! so cute to see how all the lil ones are growing…our family, your family…just getting bigger and bigger…that’s a whole lot of lovin’! xoxo looney

  9. ps…love big joe’s smile and er um…biceps…woa nellie…;)!!!!

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