you’re my cuppa tea party + swap



{all day friday}

 april 20, 2007


remember a week or so, i wrote about missing out on this virtual tea party? & how i wanted to host something similar but with a twist?  plus, a year ago on february 26th, i started blogging  & wouldn’t it be just a perfect excuse to throw a virtual party to celebrate my one year blog-anniversary?

well, my sis looney & i cordially invite YOU to you’re my cuppa tea party + swap (optional). <<<the swap is the twist because you will have the option of being paired up with one partner>>> create some handmade art or craft +  send one prepackaged tea bag. &  you will get the same in return from your swap partner.  

 like the other tea party, this party will be open to ANY interested person from ANYwhere who loves all things tea & who also is willing to share her/his teatime photos either on your respective blog +/or the flickr group >>> on friday, april 20th.  that’s T-Day folks, hehehe!


here’s how you’re my cuppa tea party + swap will work:

1. sign-up on or before march 5, 2007 (this deadline is FIRM, because i want to give folks plenty of time to do a nice job).

2. email to>>> the following:
your full name, address, indicate “tea party only” OR “tea party +swap” & whether you want a domestic or international swap partner.


3. if you have opted to also participate in the swap: please have your swap package mailed to your partner by march 31st (in order to accomodate international postal schedule). this is a 1:1 swap.

4. all handmade art or craft must be no bigger than a standard 4″ x 6″ envelope (trying to keep postage costs down folks). examples of art or craft: atcs, aceos, cards, knitted or crotched dish towel or coaster, micro-quilt, window art, etc., etc.>>>whatever media that your creative heart desires (& have the time for), just as long as it fits into a 4″ x 6″ envie 🙂 !
5. post your teatime pix and/or your handmade art or craft on your respective blog (if you have one) and/or the flickr group pool on T-DAY>>> FRIDAY APRIL 20, 2007… please, please i ask that you NOT post your pix before APRIL 20th …remember, this is supposed to be  a VIRTUAL tea party going on (relatively speaking) at the same time *smile*!

6.  you say you don’t have anyone to drink tea with?  not a problem.  just take pix of yourself savoring a nice spot of tea with a crumpet or two…the main idea is to gather as many like-minded tea-totalers on one day…& to have FUN.  so c’mon now…dig out your china & dainty tea cups.  whip up some scrumptious scones & tea sandwiches.  dress up or dress down.  whatever you can imagine>>>so long as you HAVE A BALL!

any questions, pls. don’t hesitate to contact me >>>

hope to see YOU at TEA TIME because you’re my cuppa tea!


9 Responses

  1. This sounds like so much fun!!

  2. It does indeed – just my cup of tea! (sorry, how many times are you going to get that one?!!) Thanks for the invite, Mar, I’ll be popping along shortly. Think I can manage this…hope so, anyway, ’cause swaps are fab, it says so on my blog! 😉
    Can’t believe how many posts I’ve missed of yours. Lots of catching up to do…. hope all is well, and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful swap parcel I received this morning. You truly are the Karma Queen! 😀
    Huge Hugs & Big Love ~ nothing better than a good tea party, this was a great idea for your celebrations! 🙂
    Take Care, Suze xXx

  3. oh my…what beautiful photographs and all the yummy goodies…delectable! please count me in as i love tea parties and i think the kiddos and i would love to attend and show you our tea parties! what a fab idea and again, the photos are beautiful!!!!!!!!! are ya going to eat all those delicious cookies, cakes and cupcakes all by your lonesome self???? paleeeeez pass some on to us…our mouths are watering right now…drip, drip…mmmmm xoxo looney!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fun fun! I think your just trying to get me to wear a dress hu? lol As for my china it is in storage all the way in WA. 😦 Guess I will just have to go shopping hehehe! 😀 xoxo Nance

  5. Yay! I’m in! This will be FUN! 🙂 I don’t drink enough tea – good excuse to do so!

  6. Thanks to justbeyou for inviting me. I would love to be a part of the tea & swap! What a nice idea!

  7. I would love to do this Mary Ann…thanks for the invite. This should be a lot of fun!

  8. Thank you for the invitation! This will be very fun. Now -you do send us the name and address of our swap partner? I totally new to this.

  9. Hi there,
    Thanks for the opportunity to be involved in what will surely be another great swap!
    Better get cracking on my partner’s surprise hey!

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