trying adventures

{ i’ve a lot to share today, so sit back & enjoy the read}

yesterday, i had my 3rd batch of packages all ready to be mailed out & wouldn’t you know that the post office the dh & i went to was closed?!  i was foolish to assume that the post office in the next town would have the same saturday hours as my town’s (3 pm cst) >>>we were heading toward mad city (the capital of cheeseland) for lunch & knew that there would be a post office on the way…so, we get to the other post office & while the (outer) door was open, the inside doors were SHUT…i was dumbfounded to read that this facility closed at 11:30 am cst on saturdays!  i was so ANNOYED, mostly at myself…’cuz now all these packages (some dozen or so) will have to be mailed tomorrow!  ARGH!!   i totally apologize to the gals who have been patiently waiting for their osc swap goodies!!!!  they will get to you on valentine’s day (the domestic gals, anyway; & about a week or so, the international gals will too)…

lesson learned big-time {SIGH}…go to the places where you know their weekend business hours!  

anyhoo, after i sorta calmed down, we headed off to mad city to locate this place>>>


we were in the mood for some DECENT seafood, which apparently has been lacking around here>>>land-locked & all.  when we lived in maine, it was nothing for us to hop in the car & drive down the road to our fave hang-outs, whale’s tooth pub at the beach or to the waterfront in camden…how extremely spoilt we were!

so i surfed the net & this place (pictured above) jumped right out at us.  the place’s name sounded kinda hokey, but it had a rating of 4 out of 5 stars & the menu looked appetizing…so what the heck, right?  we were game…so got driving directions from mapquest & off we went…on our little epicureal adventure…


we weren’t sure what we were going to find when we got there…because digital photography/trickery can make anything look like a million bucks, y’know.  weren’t we pleasantly surprised to find a very nice & clean establisment.  we got there in between the lunch & dinner rush & it felt like we had this whole place to ourselves.  for a random pick off the net, this place wasn’t half-bad at all. not in the least. 


i got very excited to see this at our table>>>malt vinegar!  i know, i’m easily amused…but i hadn’t seen anything like this since we’ve moved back to the midwest…i used to love putting these on my french fries (yes, you read correctly) when we lived in maine>>>it’s a new england thing…  i was in heaven…it remined me of being back in maine 🙂 ! we ordered some crabcakes for starters, then the dh ordered a seafood pasta dish & i ordered fish & chips (haddock has got to be my fave fish & used to eat that all the time pre-cheeseland days). & they all were quite tasty…so bringing back memories of living in maine.


so the hubby says, aren’t you gonna take a pix of your lunch?  i was too busy stuffing my face & being in heaven that i almost forgot.


doesn’t that look good?  well, it WAS!  at this point i was getting full, so i took the remainder home (& trust me, it did not go to waste later that evening!).  boy, we sure did luck out finding this place! it was serendipitous, i decided.  the dh says that we’ll be back…definitely. 

after such a pleasant (& not to mention nostalgic) dining experience, we tooled around mad city.  we checked out a woodworking store (dh is a carpenter & i dabble some in woodworking)  & then we went (or i should say i went) to the  jo-ann’s fabrics superstore.  that place is HUGE, if not OVERWHELMING…but i picked up the lastest issue of >>>


i am in so inspired by textile arts…i’m not any good when it comes to machine sewing>>>in fact, i SUCK, lol!  but i do appreciate other people’s efforts to crank out such astonishing & beautiful art quilts & fabric art!  truly inspirational>>>my dearest blog sis, jude, should be featured in this magazine because her art can RIVAL any of the works featured in there, bar none! 

i also picked up a set of crochet hooks (on clearance, of course, lol!) while i was at the jo ann’s superstore…i hadn’t touched a crochet hook in like 15 years or so!  even when i did crochet, i think i only  made 2 projects>>>an afghan (which really was more like a small rug>>>i was so TIGHT with the stitches) & a scarf (haven’t a clue where that pitiful thing is)…my mom is a big-time crocheter/knitter & i have many wonderful things she has made over the years…

i got it in my head to try my hand with crocheting again (knitting has always intimidated me, but if given the right instructor/setting, i might not be so timid)…


i had forgotten how to crochet as it been so long. so at the store, i also picked up a crochet magazine which had some helpful (& much needed pictured) pointers…it took some finagling on my part, but i finally got how to do a chain stitch (i realize i am a CRUDE beginner at this, but, hey, i’m trying aren’t i???)…


my very 1st completed project>>>this very simple heart bracelet.


it’s kinda cute, don’t you think?  well,  i happen to like how it turned out.  i realize i’ve got a ways before i can work my way up to an afghan (bec. i so forgot how to do single, double, scallop etc. crochet)…but i’m determined to (re)learn this craft>>>even if it kills me (well, maybe, not kill, perhaps, CHALLENGEs me).


just a little teaser of what’s to come.

stayed tune tomorrow>>>i’ll be posting about the next (yes, yet ANOTHER) swap that i’ll be hosting. by now, you’ve gathered that i can be NUTs & BOLTz at times, hehehe… but this time my sis, looney, will help me out on this one!  hope you’ll be ’round tomorrow…happy sunday! 


3 Responses

  1. So glad I stopped by to learn of the next swap announcement coming soon. I’ll have to see.
    Yes, I will have LOTS of work to do at post office tomorrow. Frustrating if they all have different hours. Here we don’t have any open on Saturdays. Maybe in the larger cities the drugstores or grocery stores might have one open BUT I’m not positive of their efficiency. I love the little bracelet you made. It it SOOO pretty with the hearts.
    Must run. Angels be with you.
    Wendy XOXOXO

  2. This post just got better the further down I read!!! Im sorry aabout the post office blunder ~ them not you, imagine not opening on a Saturday. Then I saw the vinegar and tomato sauce thats what we use over here!!!! A little bit of Britian, then I saw the magazine, take a look inside and youll see an article about Sandra Meech I did an amazing workshop masterclass with her a couple of weeks ago, then I saw what you’d written about me ~ you are too lovely xxx. I love your bracelet (Im still trying to master crochet. Then I read youre going to do all over again another swap oh my goodness me, you have so much energy.

    Have a wonderful day and big hugs across the water, Jude xxxxx

  3. Looks awesome! I’m in!

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