pal art

i got up early this morning to make some stuff for a couple of blog pals…i wanted to get these in the mail, along with some other {swap} packages, today before my “pals” at the post office close for the day.


this is for rini over at catharina’s love…she is also a flickr pal, who had wanted to do a personal trade (1 doll & 1 valentine atc)…i was only too happy to oblige :)…


just a close up of the atc…


& close-up of the dolly…


 this is an atc holder that i fashioned out of cardstock paper & bits of scraps & other doo-dads…i made this for tammy, who a while back commented on my “free art” post…   i actually made one (in pink & brown) also for raesha (who requested “free art” a while back as well), but it occurred to me to take a pix of it AFTER i had taped up her parcel!  anyhoo, this should give you an idea what’s coming their way>>>sorry for the DELAY girls…but you should get it before valentine’s day 🙂 ! 


the outside


the inside (each panel contains a “pocket” just perfect to hold an atc).

i’ve got other lovely wips to get to before my dh takes me out for lunch (oh goody!)…

have a wonderful weekend!


4 Responses

  1. Wow – for me?! I don’t remember even requesting art, but what’s really funny? When I was scrolling through your post the photo that made me comment out loud (SO cute) was the ATC holder you apparently made for me!! YAY!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see it in person – it looks awesome!! Very cool stuff – your art always amazes me!

  2. The atc holder is awesome! How did you make it? What kind of board/paper did you use for a base for it? I love it! And what a great idea for showing off the atcs.

  3. Love her heart wings !

  4. These are so beautiful xxJude x

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