thanks for playing & here are the winners

having to leave the house for school before the crack of dawn is sooooo cutting into my blogging time!  i prefer to blog away in the early morning…but i can’t this morning because, i’ve got to get ready for school (bummer!)…so, i apologize for the picture-less post because i am crunched for time…

here are the names my sleepy dh pulled out for this week’s wysiwyg wednesday winners>>>

item #1 goes to teresa of metallyptica>>>yay!  sorry i don’t have time to do a hyperlink to your site because i still have to get showered & dressed!

item #2 goes to michel>>>yippee for you!  would you mind terribly if i hand deliver your freebies when i see you & angie in st. louie in a couple weeks? 

item #3 goes to jennifer (i’m presuming whose last name begins with the letters ” dgb”)>>>pls. let me know if i am right…anyway, hooray for you!  i had no idea that these 3 mags would cause such a stir!  so many were wanting these mags.

item #4 goes to lisa of corner of my world>>>yay to you!  i do believe i have your snail mail addy on file 🙂 …

MANY, MANY thanks to all the lovely ladies who played in this week’s ww!  i so appreciate your participation & wanting to spread the good karma around! 

well, i gotta run>>>have an awesome thursday!

can’t wait till i get home from school later bec. i want to post the cool pix i took of the valentine paper dolls i got in yesterday’s mail (from danielle’s swap over at the vintage dragonfly) !


5 Responses

  1. Yeah thank you!!!!! Happy dance over here!!!!

  2. Wahoooo! Yup, you’re close about the last name…it’s DiGiuseppe, you should have my addie from playing the Valentine atc swap…let me know if you need it again. I’m so excited! Thank you for making my day.

  3. Can’t believe I missed another one! Duh! I’m going have to mark wednesdays on my calendar in future! 😉 Great prezzies for the lucky winners – Congrats to them all! Hope you’re warm & cosy, sweetheart, and I’m looking forward to seeing the pics later… Love & Hugs, Suze ((((xXx))))

  4. Oh my gosh!! I’m so damn happy that I’ve won a wysiwyg prize from your blog again!! I feel trully blessed!! 🙂

    Let me know if you don’t have my snail mail addy from last time… I’ll email it to you gladly! 😉

    Kisses and lots of good karma to you!!

  5. Oh, Mary Ann, please send me an email cause I lost yours and I need to upgrade my address if you haven’t sent it yet… cause if you do it’s ok since I’ve moved but the old place is still mine and my dad goes there every week so I’ll get the package!!


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