wysiwyg wednesday

good morning!  i’m kinda in a hurry (it’s a school day for me) so i’m not gonna mince words.  it’s time to play wysiwyg wednesday!


item #1 is a scrap mag (nov/dec 2005) + mini thank you photo albumn.


item #2 is a collecting journal + mini-tag book…oh the altering possiblities are endless!


item #3, a set of stamping mags that i got at a garage sale…surely someone can find use from these!


item #4 is this nifty frame set, comes with everything you see pictured on the box…i found this for 90% off at hobby lobby, but it really was more of a buying because it was 90% off rather than an absolute must-have

by now, you know the deal…let me know if you’re interested by leaving a comment.  i will take names until 10 pm cst tonite (the time on this post is WAY OFF! it’s yikes, nearly 6:30 am!)  & then announce the lucky winners tomorrow, thursday 2/8. 

well, i gotta go…happy wednesday!


8 Responses

  1. Could I ask a favor? Could you please put SuzieQ’s name in the hat this time! I’m going to say #2 or #3. Thanks! xoxo Nance

  2. I would love number 1 or 4. 🙂 Have a good day at school. Oh yeah I have a scrapbook store opening up on line in about a week. Please check it out ok? it’s http://www.scrapsofmemory.com It has TONS of scraping stuff. Also if you could pass this link along I would love that. Thank You and good luck to all of the WYSIWYG players!!!

  3. I would love to win #2. You are so generous. I love visiting your site. Have a great day. -Alisa

  4. How fun! – I would be interested in #3.

  5. i just don’t know where you find the time to do all you do: create, host swaps, give stuff away, work…are you wonder woman?

    these are great prizes, could you put my name in the hat for number 3?


  6. Good morning. Would you put my name in for #2?
    Hope you’re having a sunny Wednesday!
    Thanks for your cool offerings.

  7. Mary Ann, you rock! I’d love to put my name in for #3. Thanks for the good karma and hope today is a great day at school.

  8. Mary Ann your kindness never stops xx please can I play and choose number 3, thanks darling girl xx Jude x

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