b & w


is the month-long theme for spc

i’ve been debating whether or not to purchase photoshop elements…whether i will like it & if i’ll use it…

then i realized that i have a photo editing system in my computer (microsoft digital image library) already…& i altered this pix using the various tools…it took getting used to to manipulate the mouse to “paint” where i wanted it to>>>it was a bit challenging, if not crude, but i did it! 

i tried to paint follow your bliss (my motto), but {sigh} you can barely see it>>>oh well, need tons more playing around with this & hopefully, i’ll get the hang of this digi-stuff.

to see more b&w stuff, just go here 🙂 . 


8 Responses

  1. Very Cool!

  2. Wow – I think this looks very cool!! It’s fun to play around isn’t it!?

  3. so lovely!

  4. Oh wow – I love this:) Very 70ish:):)

  5. What a beautiful image of you, I think you did really well xxJude x

  6. Wow, that’s awesome! I want one! 🙂

  7. Looks great and very Andy Warhol 😉


  8. This is superb, sweetheart! A brilliant job you did, and you look beautiful! 🙂

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