the source of warmth

on a frigid winter’s day, warmth not only comes from a kick ass furnance or woodstove, but also from the unconditional love of family. 


that’s what kept me warm this past {BRRRRRRRRR} weekend.

pix of my 2.5 y.o. nephew (top row) whom i rarely get to see…my folks were up for the weekend & had this little guy (aka energizer bunny>>>that kid NEVER stops!) with them.

 & my sis looney’s twin chitlins’ (bottom row), whom i spent the better part of my weekend (they live in chi-town), were estactic to see me as  i came to help my sis out with her PTA projects (& also to see how she’s faring since her fall; she’s doing pretty well, in case you were wondering)… 

even on the coldest day, nothing quicker can make you feel warm & fuzzy all over, than the unconditional* generous* exuberant LOVE of family.



3 Responses

  1. Hi book swapie mate: yes – family is good when it’s cold outside. We had daughter and grandson yesterday – but today’s colder…they should have stayed longer!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous chitlings! Glad you had a good weekend, Mary Ann, and that Looney’s making good progress.
    Love to All,
    Suze xXx

  3. Wonderful unconditional family love – where would be without it? Beautiful pictures.
    Hugs for you and angels be with you,
    Wendy XOXOXO

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