goin’ postal


 my sis looney called me to help her with an art display she is setting up at her kids’ school library (ironic that an elementary school library would want to display my artwork as opposed to the local public libary in my town who said my works were not “art”>>>don’t even get me started on that!) so i am off to chi-town for the day.  of course, i would have to leave a warm & cozy house with temperatures outside being well below zero & windchill factor minus a million degrees!  oh well, that’s what sisters do for one another i suppose…

anyway, i spent all night getting these osc valentine swap packages made up & now i will attempt to mail some of them before i leave town. i won’t mail allllll of them at once because i WILL get spoken to at the post office.  just the other day,  the postal clerk was teasing me about seeing me in the post office A LOT lately (i was hoping nobody noticed)!  here’s what he said to me in a sort of conspiratory voice:  y’know, people are gonna start to talk about you coming in here all the time (pause) hahahahaha! feeling somehat embarrassed that the postal folks are noticing my postal activity, i sheepishly replied, i’ve got lots of friends all over the place, you see…


i also got those v-d cards made for the swap over at red velvet art.  i’ll mail those babies today!  luckily all my partners are in the u.s. & that means one 39 cent stamp each…yay, i’m glad,  since i will be spending a small fortune on all those swap packages pictured above, whoa!



just some close-ups of the other 2 cards i made for the rva swap. 

my, look at the time…my sis is expecting me at her house sometime this morning.  hate to run, but i gotta go.  keep warm & i’ll chat when i get back!  happy weekend! xxoo, ma 


6 Responses

  1. Oh ya! Got to love the looks on the faces of the post office crew! 😀 My mail lady brings all my lovelies right to the door now LOL And I am sure she gets to see all the eye candy that leaves from here! hehe Gonna have to make that gal something special for all she does! I hope you have another val swap next year since I missed this one…I am really no good at making stuff like that! But you my dear RAWK! Your art is always inspirational! And I got a lovely in the mail from you…actually two lovelies! Thank you for your generosity of your WW giveaways! I am loving that book on journals! And those valentines are just the bomb baby! 😀 lol Be sure to give a hug to Looney from me! Lots of blessings love and hugs! Nance

  2. How dare they say your stuff isn’t ‘art’ !!!!

  3. Wowza. All those lucky swap recipients!!!!!:-)

  4. what do they know!!! They have absolutely no idea and need to get with it.
    Oh my darling you do have so many friends and you are so generous always sending something to someone you have the biggest heart ever, hope you’ve warmed up xxx love you loads xxJude xx

  5. Oh…those packages look so beautiful all lined up there! And your cards are awesome! I joined the RVA swap after you posted about it…but I have to say my cards don’t even compare to yours! Awesome job!!!

  6. love your collage…these little darlings are like angels…so happy you went to wordpress…I love it! hope you are well!
    blessings and hugs,

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