groundhog, laughter & friday’s finds


Phil Says Spring is Right Around the Corner!

Phil’s official forecast as read 2/2/07 at 7:28 a.m. at Gobbler’s Knob:

El Nino has caused high winds, heavy snow, ice and freezing temperatures in the west.
Here in the East with much mild winter weather we have been blessed.

Global warming has caused a great debate.
This mild winter makes it seem just great.

On this Groundhog Day we think of one thing.
Will we have winter or will we have spring?

On Gobbler’s Knob I see no shadow today.
I predict that early spring is on the way.

HAPPY GROUNDHOG’S DAY! that’s so nice to hear on this wicked cold friday!!!


laughter is the topic for CaC‘s photo thursday this week, as suggested by blog pal tammy…i snapped this pix of my niece & her bro/my nephew on what had to be the hottest day of the year last summer…but despite the wicked oppressive heat, the kids had a blast at a local park.  can’t you just hear the giddy laughter?  as they say, laughter (positive, good-hearted kind>>>not the evil, mad scientest kind) is the best medicine.  so let a little laughter into your day…you’ll be glad you did!  


when it’s so bitterly cold outside, i’m not fond of venturing outside if i don’t have to…but this week in the name of friday’s finds, i went to some of my fave local haunts (castaways thrift shop, carousel consignments & hobby lobby). & i’m glad i did.  i found a treasure trove of lacey seam tapes, ric rac, vintage lace, pearl buttons; heart-shaped buttons & pink glass cake stands; & these sweet tea cups & saucers.  i just fell in love with the pink*turquoise*cream colors…they had to come home with me (& they were not expensive either)!


just a closer look at all the cool sewing notions i found for dirt cheap.  all those seam tapes were 10 cents a piece!  i paid less than 5 dollars total at the castaways thrift shop. 


& these itty-bitty cookie cutters!  how wicked cute are they?!  i found these at hobby lobby for 3 bucks.  i’m planning on making some cookies this weekend for a couple of birthdays coming up… & wouldn’t these also be cute to use to make darlin’ little tea sandwiches?


the cake stands i found for 50% off at hobby lobby & the teacups/saucers ($1-2) are courtesy carousel consignments (an antique/junk shop).

ever since my sis looney told me about this virtual tea party that she read about in emily’s blog, i thought, waaaah, i missed out on the fun!!!  then i thought, hey, i can do one too… it’s always been a dream of mine to have a tea shop one day.  i hosted a bridal shower tea for one of my sisters years ago & had such fun planning & preparing for it. i made everything from scratch (except the tea of course) & i had never made scones before & they actually turned out lovely!  {sigh} we all had a grand ol’ time… & at the time, i lived near this way cool thrift store simply called, unique,  & found a TON of tea cups & saucers for a song…i’ve been a tea devotee (is there such a thing?) ever since.

then when i heard about that tea party & read how much fun it was…it got the ol’ wheels turning in my own head…i know, i’m NUTs & BOLTz to think about doing another hosting thing…but y’all don’t understand, teas are so my thing!  i love tea & all the accoutrements that come with it.  i think i must have been a victorian lady in a former life…

well, i’m still working out the details about this>>>something like the above tea party i’ve missed out on but with a twist…plus, i need to wrap up the osc valentine swap before i start tackling another thing, right? right.  i wonder if people will want to play along once i work out the details?  i know my sisters would want to play…hmmm…    


i’ve got to get crack-a-lackin’ on making cards (this one is 1 of 3 for for the red velvet art swap)…i’ve got quite a few valentine & birthday cards & other lovelies  to make…

have a lovely friday!  yay, think spring ‘cuz it’s reportedly just around the corner.



7 Responses

  1. I love tea!!!! Sean and I looked into buying a tea shop once. there is a very cute one not too far from my house!

    I would be delighted to go (and swap?) for your virtual tea party. Just let me know!


  2. Such a great picture for joy and laughter – the kids do look like they are having SOO much fun! 🙂

    And all of your other photos are fun too! What great stuff you’ve found! 🙂

    I’m glad it’s Friday! Weekend!! It is SOO cold here, I think I’ll be stayin’ in!

  3. I love tea! Keep us posted on the virtual tea party!

  4. Look at your lovely finds! I love that cake stand, and those cookie cutters are so sweet, serious coveting going on here!!! I too missed the other virtual tea-party but would love to join in your take on it please!

  5. beautiful beautiful friday finds, mmm and tea and cake for me please xxx beautiful smiles on beautiful children too so precious xxxjude x

  6. […] a week or so, i wrote about missing out on this virtual tea party? & how i wanted to host something similar but with a twist?  plus, a year ago on february […]

  7. Of course there is such a thing as a tea devotee, Mary Ann! I’m one! 😉
    The photo is gorgeous, lovely to see such happiness, and it’s a relief to know that Spring is springing! 🙂
    I’m in on the swap, sweetheart – wouldn’t miss it for all the tea in China! 😉

    Suze xXx

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