as the world turns


that’s how it’s been over here at my house… family can crank out the drama, can’t they?

well, my sis found out the ct scan results.  while the scan did not indicate any overt brain bleeds or skull fracture (at the moment), they did show that my sis sustained a “brain shift”>>>from the impact of the fall.  the doc advised my sis to take it easy & be more mindful than ever of falls, fast movements, pressure to the head, etc.  & to contact the doc asap should she experience black-outs, worsening headaches, constant nausea/dizziness for the next month or so>>>she’s not exactly out of the woods  yet.  it all depends on how her brain recovers from this trauma & the extra care that she will now have to take …my sis was not happy to hear that because of this accident, her brain is more susceptible to future head injuries (like concussions), neurological problems (such as alzheimers, for example), memory loss & other cognitive malfunctions…

now do you see why i was soooo adamant about getting my sis to the er ASAP & being so incredibly infuriated with the bil?  i knew all about what her doctor told her…just from my line of work (as a speech therapist).  i cannot even begin to tell you the number of folks i have treated for language, cognitive & memory issues. 

i remember this one woman who slipped on ice one winter evening.  didn’t think anything of it…a couple of days later, she didn’t feel right & she couldn’t speak coherently.  yeh, that’s because she had a subdural hematoma (brain bleed) & it affected the language area of the brain (left side)…i worked with this woman for a year, & she was so messed up! she hadn’t a clue that she had parts of her brain gone (due to surgery)… yeh, her husband (who was utterly frustated & angered by the after effects of his wife/my patient’s head injury) was in long-time denial (it was BAD folks) that his wife was gonna snap out of it & be the wife he knew pre-fall.  because this woman had a brain bleed, she had to have surgery…whenever that happens, be assured that brain cells are either dead or GONE)…she will never be the same again…no amount of speech therapy is going to make this woman 100%…because, brain cells do not regenerate once they are gone!  my job at this point in therapy is counseling both patient & their family & to teach compensatory strategies to cope with what the person has lost (& build on her strengths) due to the tbi (speech talk for “traumatic brain injury”)…

sorry, didn’t mean to go on & on…but i don’t take head injuries lightly.  i’ve seen what can happen to people… not pretty folks.

now that’s off my chest, on to happier thoughts>>> like this mail prezzie i got yesterday from my dear blog pal/sista, jes… she’s participating in the osc valentine atc swap & sent these lovely extras (i love everything jes!!! you rock!)>>>


see the funky stix?  she hasn’t even put this  in her shop yet>>>i feel so lucky to be the first one to get this! i’m so lovin’ this!


& i LURVE the pendant she sent me…isn’t it so wicked cool?! i would happily buy this from her shop…but she is too generous to me! 


then i got another mail prezzie from blog sis, suzie q, (who’s also in the osc swap) & she made this FANTASTIC card.  i told her in an email that i was absolutely “gobsmacked” (she’s a brit) & so very touched by her artwork & the generous words she wrote inside the card.  she dubs me “karma queen” because of all the freebie stuff i giveaway on wysiwyg wednesdays

i was reading  emily’s post earlier today & what she wrote rang true with me.  i, too, am grateful & (at times) overwhelmed that i have met & befriended so many wonderful folks through blogging.  i’ve mentioned this before in a previous post that i don’t have many friends offline who are closer to my age &  who share a passion for creating art, participating in swaps, blogging, etc… it is so nice to find a “safe” place to express oneself, share art & to have the moral support & friendship of like-minded souls as i have through the blogging community. 

as i continue on in this blogging journey of mine, it will never cease to amaze me that there are so many more people out there in this planet of ours who are just like me.  & that is oh-so reassuring when those down days come.     

& yeh, one more thing people>>> be careful out there. 


8 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness – your poor sister – that is so freaky/scary. I’m glad it sounds like she’ll be fine, that she just needs to take it easy. You’d a thought the bil would LISTEN when you’ve had experience working with brain-injured people – I’ll bet he feels s like a real doofus now.

  2. Glad to hear that Looney will be ok if she takes things easy.. you really are a great sister, Mary Ann, and she is lucky to have you on her side! Lots of Love to you both xXx
    Take care, my Karma Queen! Love the things you got from jes, too, and am off to have a better look now…

    Big Hugs (((((xXx)))))

  3. Glad to hear that Looney will be ok and just take it easy for awhile. I pray that the suggestions from the doctor for her to rest and the seriousness of head injuries have slapped the bil in the head and take care of her! She is so lucky to have you Mar..your a great sis to her!
    Loving all the lovilies from blog sista’s! You deserve it all darlin..our Karma Queen! Much love, hugs and blessings!

  4. Wow – I’m so glad you were able to get your sis in to get her head checked out. What a scary thing! I’m glad there is nothing overtly wrong though!!!

    The blogging community is pretty amazing, huh?! Thankfully the wonderful people and comments usually outweigh the bad!! I’m glad I’ve “met” you through blogging!

  5. Beautiful portrait dear. Hoping all is well with your sis. A good place to share our thoughts – thanks for doing that.
    Wonderful prezzies.
    Huge hugs,

  6. Thanks for letting us know what is going on and for the insights into brain trauma. It’s useful information for everyone.
    Best wishes to you and your sis. Let’s all be careful out there.

  7. I’m glad that your sister is going to be okay!

    Thanks for the magazine that you sent me. 🙂

  8. thank you so much for keeping tabs on me, reya! you’re a wonderful sister and what would i do without you and my beautiful sisters (both blood and bloggin)??? i’m feeling better these days, although we found a few external cuts on my head that were bleeding, but were covered by my black hair…we’re just finding the crusted old stuff with the slight pain i’m feeling with the bruising…oh well, i’m so grateful that there was no internal damage (or was there?ha!) and that i’ve got to be more careful now since as the doc so well put it, “you’re not a spring chick anymore…” she also told me that i’ve got to wear head gear the next time i roller skate or any adventurous activity…um, no thank you! it’ll be a while until i get on skates again and um…a helmet on the roller rink…i could just see it now…a 5 year old saying to his mom, “look mommy, she’s wearing a helmet…guess she can’t skate, huh?” ugh…trying to take it easy but with 2 lil’ ones and one tough hubby…you do the math…again, thanks for all the sweet comments, thoughts and support from you and your bloggin sistas-you brightened up my days and warmed my heart! always, looney

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