wait & see

spoke with my sis this morning & she is awaiting results of her ct-scan of her head.  she is still feeling headachey (no kidding!) but the doc told her to take it easy & no lifting or being stressed out because she has had a HEAD TRAUMA (did you see that bil?! did you?!)!  she also said the doc told her she has a concussion (yeh, how ’bout that? i was spot on, wasn’t i?), but will still need the c-t to rule out internal damage. 

what did i tell ya?! HMMMPHF… i know what i was talking about!!!!

my bil, i’m told, is eating his words right about now. 

i’m just so relieved that my sis finally went to a doctor who confirmed my initial “diagnosis”…just waiting now to learn about her test results.  i hope that it comes back negative (which is what you want to hear, ‘cuz that means no damage, all clear, if you will). 

thanks to all of your kind & supportive words…it really was very much appreciated by not only me, but all my sisters!     


6 Responses

  1. Praying for you and your sister especially. Anxiously awaiting to hear test results.
    Angels be with you and Looney too.
    Wendy XOXOXO

  2. oh looney, I hope everything is ok, sorry to hear about all of this. Maryann, you are a great sis, sisterly instinct right? glad to hear that she is taking care of herself and following up on herself, sometimes it is so easy not to when you have that male around shrugging stuff off, my hubby doesnt believe in asthma and allergies! hello! (oh yeah, I have both)…..man, they are just incredible sometimes!

  3. Lots of love hugs and prayers for Looney and also for her sweet caring sis Mar! xoxo Nance

  4. Big Hugs for you & Looney ((((xXx)))) Good to have you around, Mary Ann! Hope the results are negative, and all is well 🙂 Lots of Love, Suze xXx

  5. Big sigh!
    That BIL makes me mad!
    But be supportive because that is what your sis needs.
    Love to you both!

  6. Glad to hear that she has been to the doctor. Saying a prayer and have fingers and toes crossed for you.

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